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Pac Bio


With the decision to invest in a future-proof, modern architecture, Pacific Biosciences adopted Angular 2 during an early alpha cycle with the plan to use it as the front-end framework to bring one of its new products to market.


Provide technical advisement, training and development to a growing team with the objective of launching a cutting edge product with an alpha-phase framework.


SitePen provided leadership to the Pacific Biosciences team through the implementation of an efficient development toolchain for its project which included advisement on best practices, architectural approach, and efficient workflows in its use of Angular 2, TypeScript, and WebPack 1 & 2. Many best practices and patterns were identified, explained, and put into use for the larger team in order to provide an effective application delivery engine. In parallel, SitePen worked closely with multiple open source project teams to identify solutions for creating complex bespoke development pipelines. This ongoing technical communication ensured obstacles encountered during development were quickly resolved, not only for Pacific Biosciences, but for the open source community as a whole.


  • Implementation of development toolchains for multiple environments
  • Increased team productivity through ongoing guidance and code review
  • Leveled up team leads, achieving critical mass, in-house skills for Angular, TypeScript, and WebPack allowing for maintenance and ongoing product development
  • Architecture, feature development, and testing to meet the project timeline for a modern Angular 2 application using TypeScript
  • Significant open source contributions back to Angular, WebPack, and TypeScript making improvements for Pacific BioSciences’ future development as well as the entire open source community

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