AjaxWorld and SXSW talks on dojo.gfx

By on March 27, 2007 4:23 pm

At SXSW and AjaxWorld, I had the opportunity to talk about dojo.gfx and native web vector graphics in general. The amazing thing about these talks was the large number of attendees familiar with and interested in SVG, Canvas, and other native vector graphics formats.

Draw This!

It’s still very early, but the interest in collaborative web applications that involve richer, interactive drawing capabilities is growing rapidly. I’m pleased to announce that I am making my slides available online for both of these talks. What is interesting about these slides, even more than the content within them, is that both were created using dojo.gfx. They are great examples of mixing HTML and SVG/VML techniques to create a nice user interface. While there is nothing explicitly preventing them from working cross-browser, I have only tested them on Firefox 2 given time constraints.


  • Tested in IE6…

    DEBUG: dojo.widget.Parse: error: [TypeError: ‘this.rawNode.fill’ is null or not an object]

    Line: 420
    Char: 3
    Error: Arg: Illegal input string i Vector2D

    It semi works… but when you click stuff, it updates the slide behind the black boxes… and you cant close them… so you cant see everything :)

    Cant wait to test this at home though :)

  • Karl,

    I ran into the same error on IE6 with my dojo.gfx project and it turns out IE doesn’t like shapes with dimensions

  • oh, the comment system ate the “Less Than” sign and cut off the rest of my comment:

    … turns out IE doesn’t like shapes with dimensions less than one. As long as you round to at least 1 you are on the safe side. That’s what I experienced. Will put that in the trac.