SVG missing on the iPhone

By on July 3, 2007 4:02 am

Safari on the iPhone does not currently have support for SVG. Safari 3 beta on Mac and Windows is currently the best browser on the planet for SVG performance, so this is a somewhat disappointing omission. We are hopeful that by the end of the year, the iPhone will receive the Safari 3 upgrade, and along with that native support for SVG. For now, we’ll have to wait on dynamic charting and drawing tools due to no SVG and the lack of mousemove event handlers.


  • You’re right to point out that Safari 3 is in beta, and given how criticial software stability is to a handheld device such as the iPhone, I’m not suprised that SVG support is not included at the moment. Safari 3 has just entered beta, and while it does perform very well, there are still very significant bugs that the WebKit team is aware of and fixing, most of them being related to tight integration between (X)HTML and SVG.

    But my hunch is that once Safari 3 goes gold (with the Leopard release I assume), iPhone will receive a software update to update the WebKit version used. After all, Steve Jobs did say in the WWDC keynote that Safari on iPhone, Mac OS X and Windows is one and the same. I don’t think it was an over-simplification.

  • Word to that. I look forward to benchmarking Dojo Charts again ( once the iPhone supports it :-)

  • Is there canvas, though? Perhaps this is motivation to extend gfx to have a canvas renderer (and that would give us the current version of Safari as well).

  • @Antoine: I definitely agree with what you are saying, I was just hoping it would be already ready already :)

    @Gavin: Canvas support is there… PlotKit renders nicely.

  • Disappointing news, but as Antoine states, it’s probably to be expected, given Safari 3’s current Beta state. I remain hopeful for the mobile web of the future.

    @Gavin: this guy says that Safari 2 does support the canvas tag, but not the mouse-based functionality.

  • Chris Mitchell

    I contributed a canvas renderer for Dojo 1.0 this week. Check out the dojox/gfx/README for how to enable–it does require explicit render() calls on surface, unlike the VML and SVG renderer implementations. To enable, add gfxRenderer:’canvas’ to your djConfig statement to enable the renderer (put ‘canvas’ in front of any existing renderer names).

    All 2d dojox/charts work with the renderer, as well as most of the dojo gfx demos and tests (you’ll have to make the minor modifications to the tests/demos to explicitly call surface render() as noted in README).

    We’ll work on 3d support next. FWIW, it works fine on the iPhone–just make sure to use profile builds. :)

  • Updated my iPod Touch with 2.1 firmware and lo and behold….SVG on the touch!!
    Does it also work on the iPhone 2.1?

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