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More Query and Caching Power for Data Stores: ClientFilter, JsonQuery, and JsonQueryRestStore

By on December 18, 2008 1:02 am

Dojo includes several new modules which open up new querying and caching capabilities for Dojo data stores. is available in Dojo 1.2, and provides the ability to cache queries, update the query results and cached queries based on local modifications, and performs sub-queries and sorting on the client-side. The JsonQuery is a new mixin class for Dojo 1.3 that converts Dojo query objects and sort objects to JSONQuery expressions; JSONQuery can be used for delivering complex queries to the server. JsonQueryRestStore is a new module (for Dojo 1.3) that extends the JsonRestStore and combines the ClientFilter and JSONQuery such that any query can be executed on the client or the server automatically based on what data has been locally cached on the client-side, utilizing dojox.json.query to execute queries on the client-side when appropriate.

RESTful JSON + Dojo Data

By on June 13, 2008 12:03 am


NOTE: This post is very out of date. For more up to date information about RESTful JSON in Dojo applications there are a number of more recent tutorials are available, such as the Dojo Store introduction, as well as tutorials demonstrating store-driven grids and trees, among others. You should also take a look at dstore, the next generation Dojo store architecture, for an even more modern take on RESTful JSON. We have a series of tutorials introducing the concepts.

Dojo 1.2 now includes an infrastructure for interacting with JSON REST services and data storage systems. JsonRestStore is a new Dojo Data store for interacting with the RESTful JSON data sources. This new data store allows you to communicate with server side database/persistent data storage using the Dojo Data API with JavaScript and efficiently handles create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations. This can greatly simplify client server communication, interacting can be done simply using straightforward JavaScript instead of having to build your communication for CRUD actions. In addition, Dojo data stores can plugin to many Dojo widgets (Dijits).

Complex database driven widgets can be utilized with minimal coding effort. RESTful JSON is an increasingly popular database interface, and in later posts we will look at how JsonRestStore can be used with Amazon S3, CouchDB, Persevere, and Ruby on Rails. The JsonRestStore fully implements the Dojo Data read, write, notification, and identity interfaces. Therefore it can be used with any widget that can utilize these data stores including widgets with editing and live auto-updating features.