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With an emphasis on sustainability, performance, and user experience, we architect, develop and optimize clean JavaScript and TypeScript applications, leveraging modern tools and frameworks including React, Angular and Dojo.

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Web App Development

Complete tech migrations, creating minimum viable products and extending the expertise and skill of established development teams is why our customers rely on our team for ongoing and brand new development initiatives.

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We design and create source code that is easily testable, highly maintainable and resilient against changing business requirements. We encourage developer best practices that promote solid architecture and ease of maintenance.

Whether you're looking to fix an existing app or build the next generation of your platform, we provide recommendations to help find the right architecture for you.

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Mobile App Development

We employ the latest in modern mobile JavaScript approaches to help build performant, efficient, and engaging mobile applications. Responsive to a variety of form factors and focused on high performance, we create native, hybrid, and progressive web apps for the enterprise.

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Your Web Apps

We help organizations move applications to the modern web from desktop, legacy plugins (Flex, Silverlight, ActiveX, Java), and older approaches (JSP, pre-ES6).

We find the right mix of architecture, approach, process, tools, frameworks, and expertise to make your migration a success.

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How to Scale Enterprise Development

Through a well defined governance model, consistent ways of working and the right tooling, enterprise development can scale dramatically with minimal inefficiency. We take the SDLC and structure of FOSS and apply it within your enterprise.

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We deliver private, onsite and online training to level up teams through high-touch workshops that are both engaging and informative. From JavaScript to TypeScript, testing to InnerSource, we customize workshops for our customers that fill knowledge gaps and provide after-training developer support as your team use their their new skills to implement your business goals.

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TD Ameritrade
Liberty Mutual
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Fannie Mae
JP Morgan Chase
Ellie Mae

About SitePen

Modernizing Apps, Tools & Teams

SitePen pioneered Enterprise JavaScript by creating a first-of-its-kind open source JavaScript framework that scales and sustains some of the world’s largest web applications - and this before the advent of the modern browser. Today, we continue to engineer performance-driven apps for companies like IBM, Intuit & Marriott, maintaining our foothold at the forefront of the modern web. Expect our deliverables to contain experience-based solutions, the highest quality code, and a demonstrated commitment to your success.

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