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Why React?

React is a powerful, flexible modern approach for building reactive user interfaces. React's popularity has led to support across a variety of platforms including web, canvas, native mobile, and VR.

React popularized the concepts of uni-directional data binding and the virtual DOM for improving the performance of building web applications. It also led to some of the first popular patterns around managing state in JavaScript, including the Redux state container.


Simple declarative approach for creating UIs

Component based

Components make it easy to manage UI behavior, and create UIs via composed components


Web, mobile native, server, VR, canvas, and command-line UIs

React and Redux for your next project

If you have chosen React as your framework, we can help with the challenge of making the right architectural and dependency decisions, and help you and your team be productive.

Existing codebases

We can help you migrate your existing applications to leverage the features and benefits of React.

Starting from scratch

Looking to start a new project and want to leverage React and Redux? We can help!

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