Better enterprise web apps with TypeScript

Why TypeScript?

JavaScript is ubiquitous, but historically has been so flexible that less experienced teams can create difficult to maintain source code. Recent advances with ECMAScript 6 and TypeScript are providing a big transformation in the way we build software that runs in web browsers, as well as on the server, for mobile apps, desktop apps, and IoT devices!

Structure & Maintainability

TypeScript adds optional typing, static analysis, and interfaces to create code that is easier to understand and maintain. In addition to finding errors earlier, interfaces streamline the expression of intent within your application, making it easier to fix issues later.

Less Boilerplate Code

Less boilerplate and redundant code because of efficient TypeScript features such as types and interfaces.

Better Tooling

Automatic code insight and accuracy through TypeScript development tools

Auto Completion

Auto-completion for efficient usage of language, library, and application APIs

The future, today

Leverage the latest standards and development patterns while remaining compabitble with today’s browsers.

Write structured code

ES6 modules and TypeScript interfaces make it easy to author code in a manner that is structured for efficiency and reuse.

TS transpiles to JS

TypeScript transpiles to clean, understandable JavaScript code with support for all browsers, Node.js, and any modern JavaScript engine.

Compatible with today

TypeScript allows you to author code following modern best practices, and transpile to whatever JavaScript engines you need today.

Ready for tomorrow

By authoring code with modern best practices, your applications are created for today, but optimized for the future.

TypeScript for your next project

Whether your next project is to untangle an existing codebase or create something new, TypeScript has imense value.

Existing codebases

TypeScript can be used to improve existing codebases without rewriting legacy JavaScript. External type definitions make it seamless to write new code that co-exists efficiently with existing JS.

Starting from scratch

New projects can start with the modern features of ES6 and TypeScript, while still including dependencies that may be authored in JS, giving you the best of all worlds.

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