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The Enterprise JavaScript Summit is a single day event that brings the expertise and experience of seasoned technical decision makers, architects and engineers to you and your team.

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From TypeScript to InnerSource, Enterprise JavaScript Summit is packed with valuable tools and information that will benefit your entire team.

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Enterprise JavaScript Summit is held on location with your organization. Want it in your offices? Great! Have a better venue nearby? That works too!

Hosted by you

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Customize your experience by adding a keynote, games & prizes, running a hack-a-thon, entertainment and anything else we can conceptualize to make your event a success!

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JS Fatigue

JavaScript fatigue: the beginning or the end?

Current trends, landscape improvements and topics including ES6, TypeScript, reactive architectures, virtual dom, the cloud and more!

ES6+ and Typescript

ES6+ and TypeScript: what you need to know now

See the things that make ES6+ and TS shine, with real world examples and best practices from SitePen’s open source efforts.


InnerWhat? InnerSource

Learn about the open source methodologies that are bringing teams together with a strategy that encourages sustainable code reuse across your organization.

Milestone Mayhem

Milestone Mayhem

Monsters, momentum and many manic moments will be had in this game relating to the ups and downs in software development!

Ultimate Testing Solution

A checklist for the ultimate testing solution

Jumpstart your healthy testing lifecycle with this talk that touches on automated stacks, unit & functional testing, performance benchmarking, code coverage analysis, continuous integration and more!

Frameworks that work...

Frameworks that work for your development team

Analyze the challenges posed with the various solutions available to teams today (Angular, React, Vue, etc.) & learn what things have allowed SitePen to build powerful enterprise applications for our customers.

What audiences are saying

“Whether you're an architect, developer, manager, QA engineer, JS n00b -- This event has something for everyone and was a great collection of the best talks from a variety of conferences that aims to improve the effectiveness of enterprise development teams."

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SitePen pioneered Enterprise JavaScript by creating a first-of-its-kind open source JavaScript framework that scales and sustains some of the world’s largest web applications - and this before the advent of the modern browser. Today, we continue to engineer performance-driven apps for companies like IBM, Intuit & Marriott, maintaining our foothold at the forefront of the modern web. Expect our deliverables to contain experience-based solutions, the highest quality code, and a demonstrated commitment to your success.