SitePen and Free & Open Source Software

If your company has made the decision to utilize Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) for some or all of your company’s application development needs, then your legal department is probably well-versed in the following topics. If not, the following will act as quick overview and explanation of general FOSS language and the SitePen development approach.

What is Free & Open Source Software (FOSS)?

In general, FOSS is software that is licensed on a non-exclusive and non-discriminatory basis, with mandatory access to computer program source code, and with the right for you to make and distribute derivative works. With FOSS, the word "free" generally means "without restriction" (or with minimal restrictions), but often also means "free of charge."

Yes! The Dojo Toolkit is FOSS!

SitePen’s development efforts leverage the Dojo Toolkit and other FOSS. Many companies have recognized the benefits of adopting FOSS compared to proprietary software such as reduced development and maintenance costs along with higher reliability.

What is the "BSD" License?

It is one of the simplest, shortest, least restrictive, and business-friendly FOSS licenses. For details, see the BSD license description by the Open Source Initiative.

Why do I hire SitePen if I’m already licensing the Dojo Toolkit for free?

That depends. SitePen provides several professional services in combination with your company’s use of the Dojo Toolkit. Here’s a breakdown of our client services and the benefits to your organization.