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We love to create

Headquartered in sunny Palo Alto in the heart of Silicon Valley with satellites across the country, SitePen is a rapidly growing collective of North America’s most talented software designers and engineers with a passion for developing great open-source software that moves the Web forward.

We’ve been around since the year 2000, which, according to Wikipedia, means we’ve been around long enough to survive twenty-two apocalypses! I guess what we’re trying to say here is that while we’re not a cult, we are fanatically dedicated to our craft, which is good news for you if you’re here either because you need some unbelievably good software, or because you want to join our cult us.

During the day, we spend a lot of our time writing code and developing clever solutions that make difficult problems easier. We also spend a lot of time telling bad jokes and pasting animated cat gifs at each other. They both seem like equally worthwhile endeavors to us.

It’s in our DNA

Our mothers used to say “if you love open-source software so much, why don’t you marry it?” Well, because, mom, you can’t marry abstract concepts. But it got us thinking: we can do the next best thing and work on OSS all day instead. Moms sure are great!

  • dgrid

    A next-generation, modular grid component for the Dojo Toolkit.

  • Dojo Toolkit

    The choice for building amazing JavaScript applications.

  • Intern

    Intern takes the stress out of testing your Web app.

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