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Engineering Manager

Why SitePen?

We're a team of mildly funny, smart, engineering monsters who are focused on getting the job done in a happy, stress-free way. Alone, we are contributors to many open source projects and as a team, we're a collective force to be reckoned with! We work tirelessly in small, organized groups, helping our customers build out and improve their applications through development, testing, mentoring and support while we remain focused on creating powerful open source tools for developers everywhere.

Given our growing team, we are looking for an experienced engineering leader who brings extraordinary leadership and coaching skills to support every remote engineer who is contributing to SitePen’s greatness! Your primary focus is your team and the people on it, and we expect you to build upon our great culture with an eye on diversity, inclusion, action orientation, and openness to promote our core values.

Who we are looking for

This is a unique opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the health of our company. Your main mission will be to lead our engineering team. While we know a lot about working remotely since we've been doing it from the start, we know and would like to learn even more from you. You'll be able to build on the know-how of our experienced engineers, project management team, and will be working closely with the executive management team on a daily basis. We want you to help our engineers grow. This position is about people management and is focused on the healthy interactions between and development of our engineers. You will begin solidifying a structured framework encompassing the best processes, developer operations, programs and goals to enhance our team's health and guide its growth. You will also be working with our cross-functional teams, business development and operations to ensure business value delivery and strategic work.

What you can expect to do

  • Business value delivery: Ensure incremental value delivery and high-quality standards in all SitePen services and deliverables. Bring support and experience to our strategic internal engineering initiatives
  • Learning and Development: Attract, onboard, and retain diverse engineers. Develop people and teams through coaching, mentoring, and management support. Conduct regular 1:1, goal setting, and feedback conversations with engineers to ensure their well-being and team health, and support them in their growth. Continuously work to improve inclusion and belonging on your team and within our organization
  • Process: Maintain high levels of teamwork, transparency, and efficiency in collaboration with development teams and project leads
  • Leadership: Advocate and promote leadership at all levels within the SitePen engineering organization
  • Organizational work: Help us continuously improve, grow and build further support structures for our team by driving broader organizational development and overarching initiatives in league with our management team
  • Technical work: Help grow the expertise of your teams in knowledge, performance, reliability, resilience, scalability, maintainable architecture, and experimentation. We don't expect you to write or review code on a regular basis, so this role may not be for you if you will deeply miss those things.


  • People development: You have at least three years of experience building and leading software development teams with a keen understanding of the fundamentals and application of coaching your engineering team. Your experience includes hiring, as well as having engineers directly reporting to you and supporting them in their growth through guided self-improvement, coaching, mentoring and leadership
  • Remote work: You bring demonstrable experience working from home with remote individuals and teams. Travel to company headquarters does not exist in our reality! * Communication: You're an effective communicator and bring strong feedback and facilitation skills to your teams. You're proficient in English in verbal and written form
  • Delivery: You are knowledgeable about modern software engineering practices and how to apply them in different teams. You believe in agile and lean values. You have a track record of using these methods in practice and continuously delivering business value
  • Leadership: You are a servant leader and a strong collaborator who emphasizes continuous learning. Your focus is on developing people to become members of strong, productive, inclusive teams
  • Learning: You are action-oriented and thrive on continuously improving with your team.

We know there's no such thing as an "ideal" candidate - we're all a work-in-progress and are growing new skills and capabilities all the time. SitePen welcomes those who are enthusiastic about learning and evolving, so however you identify and whatever your background, if this looks like a role where you could do work that excites you, we hope you'll apply.

Where you will work

You'll work at home! Your home just needs to be somewhere within the United States.


A highly competitive salary, plus great benefits.

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Some super things about working here

Zero commute time

The only traffic you’ll ever get stuck in is a series of tubes.

Seven weeks paid vacation

With one month of personal time off plus a week of sick time plus ten paid holidays per year, you can finally test that model rocket.

Really good health insurance

Once our fountain of youth is finished, we hope to save a bundle on healthcare.

401(k) with matching

Our plan administrator thought we were nuts to do a match. He also thought he was a squirrel. Kinda awkward.

Flexible spending account

We’re not saying you’re accident-prone, but we do want to make sure all those first aid kits won’t lead to bankruptcy.

Dental discounts

With all the sweet things you’ll be doing, our dental plan makes sure the sugar won’t rot your teeth.

Flexible hours

You’re the boss of your time. For your own sake, we hope you’re not a bad boss.

Do what you love

We are, of course, referring to developing amazing Web apps. We don’t really need a lepidopterist.

People you'll love working with

With their spectacular wit, intellect, and good looks, SitePenners are one of the best reasons to work here.