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Fullstack Javascript Engineer

Why SitePen?

We're a team of funny, smart, engineering maniacs who are focused on getting the job done in a happy, stress-free way. Alone, we are contributors to many open source projects and as a team, we're a collective force to be reckoned with! We work tirelessly in small, organized groups, helping our customers build out and improve their applications through development, testing, mentoring and support while we remain focused on creating powerful open source tools for developers everywhere. As part of the team, you will play a large role in contributing your ideas and energy to crafting elegant solutions for our customers and contributing to the exciting world of open source!

Who we are looking for

Motivated and passionate people who enjoy working in a team-oriented environment. The most successful candidates value ownership and collaboration and are self-motivated, detail-oriented, problem solvers. This is an important role in our company and here are some of the things we will consider:

Qualifications on the client-side

  • BS in Computer Science, or similar degree
  • 5+ years of experience using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and one or more of the leading JS frameworks
  • Excellent coding, debugging, and problem-solving skills
  • Committed to sound testing, best practices, and documentation

Qualifications on the server-side

  • Experience building, deploying and maintaining web services using node.js
  • Knowledge of API design principles and best-practices
  • Interested in and/or practiced Domain Driven Development
  • Familiarity with relational databases and ORMs
  • Clear understanding of how software performance, scalability, and security can be monitored/impacted/improved
  • Experience using AWS/Azure/GCP or any other cloud platform a plus

What you can expect to do

  • Write new Web applications for our customers
  • Provide upgrades and fixes to our customers' existing apps
  • Participate in coaching, training and leveling up other developers
  • Develop cloud computing solutions on a variety of platforms and languages such as AWS, Node.JS, etc.
  • Write and maintain automated tests and deployments using Docker and related technologies
  • Create and manage DevOps tools for deployment and management of solutions
  • Contribute patches and enhancements to many open source projects
  • Enjoy a refreshing work-life balance

Where you will work

You'll work at home! Your home just needs to be somewhere within the United States.


A highly competitive salary, plus great benefits.

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Some super things about working here

Zero commute time

The only traffic you’ll ever get stuck in is a series of tubes.

Seven weeks paid vacation

With one month of personal time off plus a week of sick time plus ten paid holidays per year, you can finally test that model rocket.

Really good health insurance

Once our fountain of youth is finished, we hope to save a bundle on healthcare.

401(k) with matching

Our plan administrator thought we were nuts to do a match. He also thought he was a squirrel. Kinda awkward.

Flexible spending account

We’re not saying you’re accident-prone, but we do want to make sure all those first aid kits won’t lead to bankruptcy.

Dental discounts

With all the sweet things you’ll be doing, our dental plan makes sure the sugar won’t rot your teeth.

Flexible hours

You’re the boss of your time. For your own sake, we hope you’re not a bad boss.

Do what you love

We are, of course, referring to developing amazing Web apps. We don’t really need a lepidopterist.

People you'll love working with

With their spectacular wit, intellect, and good looks, SitePenners are one of the best reasons to work here.