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Marketing Coordinator

Why SitePen?

We’re a team of funny, smart, passionate, engineering monsters who are focused on getting the job done in a happy, stress-free way. Alone, we are contributors to many open source projects and as a team, we’re a collective force to be reckoned with! We work tirelessly in small, organized groups, helping our customers improve their applications through development, testing, mentoring and support while we remain focused on creating and improving powerful open source tools used for building modern enterprise web applications.

As part of the team, you will play a large role in contributing your ideas, energy and insane organizational abilities to achieving all of our marketing goals!

Job Overview

We’re looking for someone who can quickly understand our priorities, roll up their sleeves and do what needs to be done to support our marketing and management teams in a variety of initiatives that promote our various brands. In this role, you’ll prioritize the workload and build upon our desired marketing strategy which is focused on continued growth and improving our presence on the web, at events, and within our customer organizations!

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Well-versed in marketing strategy, planning, and terminology.
  • Able to understand the big picture while identifying and managing all of the smallest details across multiple projects.
  • Self-disciplined, self-directing and able to work and communicate effectively in a fully remote environment. We welcome your pajamafied self via Slack but you won’t find a physical conference room in your future with this team!
  • Adept at prioritization and decision-making to ensure the most productive outcomes.
  • A facilitator of process across multiple teams, vendors and disciplines; we are collaborative and our entire team will participate in the marketing mission in some way or another, but you’ll be in the weeds driving it to success!
  • Unafraid to make recommendations, raise issues, ask questions, collaborate with other employees, test new ideas, learn from mistakes, ask for help and do what’s necessary to get the job done with the highest quality possible.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or communications.
  • Minimum 1 year experience in B2B digital marketing (preferably professional services or consulting). Strong project management background.
  • Highly proficient with Google Apps, Wordpress, HubSpot and Mac OS. Experience managing multiple social media channels and highly knowledgeable in social media marketing tactics (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).
  • Excellent written communicator with advanced editing capabilities.
  • Experience with event planning and event support.

What you can expect to do

Being part of the Marketing team at SitePen gives you the opportunity to manage the details of various aspects of several ongoing and special project marketing initiatives in partnership with the marketing and management teams. The workload will change and evolve but here’s the gist of where you’re needed most:

  • Manage the organization, planning, sponsorships, details, and social media of all conferences and events in which we participate.
  • Create & maintain press kits and press contact lists for multiple brands.
  • Manage the organization, planning, sponsorships, details, and social media of our company podcast.
  • Coordinate the development, publishing and messaging of all technical content such as blogs, email campaigns, social media messaging, customer case studies, technical presentations, etc. in support of our content strategy.
  • Understand project requirements and request team resources as necessary for the timely completion of all marketing projects.
  • Enjoy a refreshing work-life balance

Where you will work

You’ll work at home! Your home just needs to be somewhere within the United States.


A highly competitive salary plus great benefits.

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Some super things about working here

Zero commute time

The only traffic you’ll ever get stuck in is a series of tubes.

Seven weeks paid vacation

With one month of personal time off plus a week of sick time plus ten paid holidays per year, you can finally test that model rocket.

Really good health insurance

Once our fountain of youth is finished, we hope to save a bundle on healthcare.

401(k) with matching

Our plan administrator thought we were nuts to do a match. He also thought he was a squirrel. Kinda awkward.

Flexible spending account

We’re not saying you’re accident-prone, but we do want to make sure all those first aid kits won’t lead to bankruptcy.

Dental discounts

With all the sweet things you’ll be doing, our dental plan makes sure the sugar won’t rot your teeth.

Flexible hours

You’re the boss of your time. For your own sake, we hope you’re not a bad boss.

Do what you love

We are, of course, referring to developing amazing Web apps. We don’t really need a lepidopterist.

People you'll love working with

With their spectacular wit, intellect, and good looks, SitePenners are one of the best reasons to work here.