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ChallengeStar’s mission is to make the world more charitable by transforming fundraising into engaging opportunities for people to learn, participate and contribute to issues they care about in their communities via social media. Its intent is to create a platform to bring organizers and contributors together to do good.


Before ChallengeStar could start providing this unique experience to its users, it had to overcome its own set of challenges. With only one engineer and a mountain of features spec’d for development, the company needed a proven development team with the knowledge and skill to deliver a technically performant platform that could sustain a highly-trafficked mobile website.


Working closely with ChallengeStar to fully understand their design goals, SitePen set up an agile project structure allowing SitePen engineers to efficiently architect and develop a robust hybrid application container using Cordova, an efficient mobile application controller using Dojo, and many interactive components to create a refined and meaningful user experience.


  • Foundation for product documentation
  • A beautiful and highly-performant mobile application
  • Improved customer approach to UI/UX for multi-platform mobile-centric application
  • A single common HTML/JS codebase for building iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Integration with native functionality not available on a web-only platform
  • API consistency
  • Automated build and test to support continued feature development after delivery

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