Case Study

Maya Healthcare


Maya Healthcare’s vision encompasses the creation of an application that incorporates multiple business processes into a single mobile-first web application to increase efficiency and quality of care for its home healthcare professionals.

Maya needed to build out a proof-of-concept application platform that would evolve into its future product. Subject matter experts in the field of medicine and home healthcare, Maya business leaders identified a unique need however lacked the expertise to present its vision to potential investors.


Elicit requirements, plan, design and implement a brand-new mobile solution using the entirety of SitePen’s in-house skills including business analytics, product design, user interface design, project management, architecture, and web application development with only SME guidance from its customer.


Working with Maya’s business team, SitePen produced a plan to attract seed investment, collect requirements and develop prototypes in order to demonstrate the most essential components of the mobile application, allowing Maya to begin building the case for investment.

SitePen’s UX team created an optimal user experience for this expert user, mobile-first application. Because complex mobile requirements do not have the refined patterns of their consumer counterparts, SitePen overcame this significant challenge and streamlined end user processes resulting in an efficient experience for Maya’s users.

Using an agile approach to design and development, SitePen worked to deliver a full end-to-end business process built on the Dojo 2 application framework, integrating Maya Healthcare’s back-end systems, with an eye on the proliferation of Maya’s future objectives for its product.


  • Foundation for product documentation
  • Interactive wireframes for all user workflows
  • User Interface designs
  • A scalable user interface design language for future features
  • Prototype application in Dojo 2 demonstrating key user processes

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