By on July 26, 2006 2:52 pm

I know what you’re thinking… “Just what the world needs, another blog…”

So why a blog then? Well, I think we have at least three interesting areas to talk about:

  • Tech: We’re doing some fairly interesting things with Dojo, Comet, and Ajax that are worth mentioning once in a while, or venting about, depending on the day and circumstance.
  • Culture: We’re a bit unusual in that we are highly focused on results, so much so that just about everyone works from home or off-site to be more comfortable and efficient. This approach has a number of pros and cons, and talking about how it works out is possibly interesting.
  • Value: The value of good web application engineering and design. There is a tendency in our industry to underprice and undervalue our own efforts, as compared to say the legal field, and we’d like to elaborate on that over time, and how we can collectively improve our approach.