New Dojo Offline Release: Offline Files + Automatic Network Status

By on February 5, 2007 12:18 pm


  • Nice demo, automatic syncing is great, but I can’t save the file. Are you guys still working on the storage functionality part? Nice network status library.
    The editor is not being cached, maybe it has something to do with the editor widget not being cached properly.
    Nice work.
    Best Regards,

  • derek

    here’s a comment: where’s the download?

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  • Ramon: This is a work in progress, all very alpha. For this demo I got the offline files, automatic network status thread, and default Dojo Offline Widget working, but unfortunately regressed the older Moxie code that actually saved the data in Dojo Storage.

    Derek: No download yet; I shouldn’t have called this a release — I should have been clearer that its a demo of work in progress as I’m coding, checking things into our subversion repository. I’m trying to be very transparent in my coding during this three month period :)

  • Jim Moses

    Looking VERY VERY cool and useful! I could use this day before yesterday! Keep up the great work! and thanks!!

  • This looks just like what I’m looking for to read my gmail on my long train rides. Any idea when an alpha will be released for offline Gmail reading?