SitePen, Dojo and CometDaily icons for your iPhone

By on January 16, 2008 11:26 am

The SitePen iPhone iconWith the release of the iPhone 1.1.3 firmware update, Apple has given us the ability to create custom “webclip” icons (think “favicon” for your iPhone and iPod Touch) by adding a special file called “apple-touch-icon.png” to the root of your website (same place as the favicon). As an example, to the left is the new icon for SitePen.

If you have an iPhone, give it a whirl: hit the SitePen home page and add it to your home!

(Webclip icon linkage from Daring Fireball, Dan Dickinson, and Hicks Design.)


  • Jesse Kuhnert

    I kept hoping for a new 3g phone so I could finally justify getting one. I’m sure the webclip things are cool though. (at least sort of, hopefully the sdk will kick ass)