Dojo Tutorial: Dojo Charting

By on April 19, 2011 11:41 am

Today we continue our ongoing series of Dojo tutorials with Dojo Charting.

Dress up your data with dojox.charting!

Presenting statistical data in a readable, eye-catching manner is important, but it can also be difficult. The dojox.charting system was created to alleviate those pains by allowing developers to create dynamic, unique, and functional charts from varying sets of data. In addition, dojox.charting provides numerous themes and chart types to allow developers to display their data any way they’d like. This tutorial will show you how to create basic charts with varying data, plots, axes, and themes.

Check it out!

Want to learn more? Check out the tutorial.

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  • Sridhar


    I have created Charts using dojo 1.6.0… I have requirement to export charts along with data as report to PDF/XLS….Does dojo have any API to export charts? or once chart is developed in which format it will be? how do we send/post data to server if dojo does not have apis to export?

    Please let me know


  • Sushila

    M new to dojo and want some tutorial for it. Please suggest some good tutorial.

  • Hi Sushila, Start learning Dojo with our excellent Hello Dojo tutorial: