Dojo Tutorial: Dojo Start

By on November 7, 2012 2:45 pm

As part of our great updates to the Dojo Tutorials for Dojo 1.8, we’ve been busy creating several new tutorials.

Dojo Start

Dojo Start How do I start learning Dojo? Where are the docs? How do I get support and training? Which Dojo version should I use? Why do I need to use a web server? How can I avoid common mistakes? How do I report issues? How do I contribute and get involved? These questions and more are answered with this introductory start tutorial.

Without further ado, check out the Dojo Start tutorial!

Want to see a specific Tutorial? Want to Learn More?

Is there something you’d like to learn how to do with Dojo? Always wanted to know how something in Dojo works? Leave us a message in the blog comments and we’ll see about getting a tutorial created for you. Or sign-up for an upcoming SitePen Dojo Workshop to get a fully immersive hands-on experience with Dojo.