SitePen Podcast – Ep. 1 The Pilot

By on May 1, 2015 2:07 pm
SitePen Podcast

At SitePen, we’ve always thought it would be fun to do a podcast, we just didn’t know what to talk about. My idea of doing a show about Fantasy Football was universally panned as were topics such as speedrunning SNES games, Birding and ‘just talk about the weather’. Finally the idea came to us, we should talk about JavaScript!

It turns out, we are all very passionate about this topic and quickly agreed! So we gave it a shot and created a podcast. Is the name the result of too many brainstorming by committee meetings? Marketing gone wrong? Or did we simply mess up the name and decide to keep it? Listen to the podcast and find out!

Let us know what you think

This episode is a pilot which means that we need to show the big studio execs that people are interested. At least I think that’s how pilots work in podcasting. I actually don’t know. Either way, let us know if you’re interested in hearing more!


  • I am excited that there’s a dojo podcast. Keep it up guys!

    Would be great to give the participants’ names/twitter in the post content.

    Also, can you add the proper RSS enclosures to work with podcast players (

  • jaymerica

    Agreed, am I supposed to stream this directly from a web page like an animal?

  • jaymerica

    As long as we’re posting shame photos:

  • dojovader

    Weekly updates and now podcast, i think you guys are spoiling us

  • Torrey Rice

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! The initial ‘pilot’ episode was just to gauge interest so we didn’t spend the time to set it up as a proper podcast. Seeing the feedback though has encouraged us to make more episodes! Stay tuned! A proper ‘SitePen Podcast for Developers who can’t JavaScript good and want to learn to do other things good too’ is on the way!

  • Michael McKenzie

    This is awesome. Keep up the good work guys!