• Ambassador Changes Name to Ambassador Media Group; Fred Groser Promoted to COO

    Ambassador Changes Name to Ambassador Media Group; Fred Groser Promoted to COO

    Carrie Rice | July 9, 2007

    NEW YORK, NY (Marketwire) July 9, 2007 – Ambassador Publications — best known for publishing the Ambassador Yellow Pages — has changed its name to Ambassador Media Group, the company announced today. “We are a leader in both print and online directional advertising,” said Ambassador Media Group CEO Kathy Hipple. “As Internet usage grows, we

  • New Dojo Offline Release

    New Dojo Offline Release

    Brad Neuberg | July 6, 2007

    SitePen and Dojo are proud to announce a new beta release of Dojo Offline. This release has a huge amount of exciting new functionality, including a full port to Google Gears, a port from Dojo 0.4 to 0.9, and more.

  • Thinking outside the (browser) box

    Thinking outside the (browser) box

    Dylan Schiemann | July 4, 2007

    Apple’s iPhone web application development tips are yet the latest example of blurring the lines between the power of the web and the desktop. The example that drives this point home the most is Google Maps: Google maps links open a built-in Google client rather than making a connection through the public website. On the

  • SVG missing on the iPhone

    SVG missing on the iPhone

    Dylan Schiemann | July 3, 2007

    Safari on the iPhone does not currently have support for SVG. Safari 3 beta on Mac and Windows is currently the best browser on the planet for SVG performance, so this is a somewhat disappointing omission. We are hopeful that by the end of the year, the iPhone will receive the Safari 3 upgrade, and

  • An Insider’s look at Google Mobile Apps

    An Insider’s look at Google Mobile Apps

    Jason Cline | June 6, 2007

    Google has posted many of the talks from Google Devloper Day 2007 on YouTube. Gummi Hafsteinsson, a Google Mobile Applications Product Manager, gave an excellent overview on building for the mobile web. Key points in the presentation include: Keep it simple–get your site working on a single basic device first Focus on features your users

  • Google Gears, Dojo Offline, and SitePen

    Google Gears, Dojo Offline, and SitePen

    Dylan Schiemann | May 30, 2007

    Shortly after we began working on Dojo Offline, our friends at Google invited us over to the Googleplex to tell us about their efforts in building an open source project similar to Dojo Offline called Google Gears. Since the release of Dojo Offline, we’ve been working with Google to make Dojo Offline and Google Gears

  • Upcoming events

    Upcoming events

    Dylan Schiemann | May 19, 2007

    We’re speaking at and/or attending a number of upcoming events and conferences. We hope to see you there! May 20-23: Alex will be attending the IEEE Privacy and Security Symposium in Oakland, CA. Prior to our Dojo days, Alex spent most of his time thinking about security. May 23-25: I’ll be conducting a 3-day Dojo

  • Dojo 0.9 Update: M2

    Dojo 0.9 Update: M2

    Alex Russell | May 13, 2007

    This past Friday, we pushed Dojo 0.9 Milestone Release 2 out of the nest. This is the last milestone before Beta and the system is starting to take a recognizable shape. Only thinner. Here’s what’s new and awesome in M2: Dijit has landed! Holy cow is it fast. Stay tuned for themes and more widgets.

  • Ambassador Publications Launches Internet Advertising Management Platform

    Ambassador Publications Launches Internet Advertising Management Platform

    Carrie Rice | April 30, 2007

    NEW YORK, NY (MARKET WIRE) April 30, 2007 – Directory publishing powerhouse Ambassador Publications, known for its explosive growth in the New York metropolitan market, has launched a proprietary, custom-built Internet bid management and reporting platform. The launch of Ambassador’s web-based software application solidifies Ambassador’s role as a leader in directional advertising, both on and

  • Dojo 0.9 Update

    Dojo 0.9 Update

    Alex Russell | April 28, 2007

    As Chief R&D Monkey here at SitePen, my work primarily revolves around ensuring that Dojo rocks for our customers and that we take what we learn from building apps and ensure that the toolkit evolves to encompass those lessons. Early this year it became clear that for folks building Dojo apps, the question of “what

  • Mobile Movement

    Mobile Movement

    Alex Russell | April 26, 2007

    At last month’s Open Ajax Alliance meeting in New York, a good chunk of time was dedicated to revisiting what, if anything, OAA should do about “Mobile Ajax”. I’m something of a pessimist about what most people mean when they say “Mobile Ajax”, but the OAA meeting included several bits and pieces that gave me

  • Mobile Web Apps: Apple iPhone to Wurfl

    Mobile Web Apps: Apple iPhone to Wurfl

    Jason Cline | April 24, 2007

    Apple’s iPhone has sparked a great deal of interest and excitement in mobile web application development. The iPhone significantly raises the bar for the capabilities of mobile devices. Its large screen and advanced browser will allow for the development of applications never before seen on mobile devices. That said the iPhone will be one device

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