Are you sitting down?

Anxiously crossing off the days on your calendar until DojoConf 2011? We are too! We’re so excited to be sponsoring and speaking at DojoConf that we can hardly sleep… so instead of sleeping we’re writing Dojo tutorials and releasing a new one every day until DojoConf (Sept. 16, 2011), now you can stay up late hacking on Dojo just like us!

Countdown to DojoConf: Tutorial #1

Form Management with dojox.form.Manager
“While there are elements within Dojo to allow for simple form validation, occasionally you may want a more powerful solution. The Dojo Toolkit offers a fantastic solution for detailed form management: dojox.form.Manager.”
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See you at DojoConf!

Hear from and meet SitePenners at DojoConf including SitePen CEO and Dojo Toolkit co-founder Dylan Schiemann. Dylan is giving the keynote at DojoConf where he’ll be showing off the latest and greatest in Dojo and presenting the vision for the future of the toolkit.

Kris Zyp (Senior Software Engineer at SitePen) will be presenting a new grid component that will ship with Dojo 1.7 and Brian Arnold (Support Lead and Software Engineer at SitePen) will be talking about Deferreds and Promises in Dojo. See you there!