Ambassador Publications announces Dojo-based app

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Ajax Dark Matter and the variety of interesting things happening behind the scenes.

This week, Ambassador Publications announced the launch of their internet advertising platform. We’ve worked with Ambassador to build this application, which provides their internal sales force a feature-rich, Dojo-based web application for selling and managing ad campaigns across the major search text ad networks (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Looksmart, SuperPages, etc.).


From a technical perspective, the platform was a significant challenge to build, with over 700K of JavaScript in a single-page application, over 50 different custom Dojo widgets, auto-save, auto-sync, and a custom server-side platform to integrate with the various ad networks and other business operations and third party services.

We’ve pushed and pushed and pushed on the browser, contributing fixes back to Dojo as appropriate. From day 1, Ambassador Publications understood the value of contributing code back to open source projects that made their platform better, without sacrificing the commercial advantages of the proprietary portions of their business.

Ambassador Publications’ customers include local and national advertisers that want to advertise across the major ad networks with successful results, rather than spending significant time and expense learning the tools and bidding strategies required for each of the major ad networks.

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