Ambassador Publications Launches Internet Advertising Management Platform

By on April 30, 2007 11:23 pm

NEW YORK, NY (MARKET WIRE) April 30, 2007 – Directory publishing
powerhouse Ambassador Publications, known for its explosive growth in
the New York metropolitan market, has launched a proprietary,
custom-built Internet bid management and reporting platform. The launch
of Ambassador’s web-based software application solidifies Ambassador’s
role as a leader in directional advertising, both on and off-line.

“We developed our own innovative software solution with the goal of
connecting ready buyers and sellers online, just as we have done in
print over the past seven years,” said CEO Kathy Hipple. “The immediacy
of connecting local ‘buy now’ consumers with advertisers is the magic of
the Ambassador Yellow Pages. Through our novel software application, we
now add this power across most major search engines and IYP (Internet
Yellow Pages) properties across the Internet.

After a global search, Ambassador tapped web application consulting firm
SitePen to develop the key technology.

The pairing of Ambassador with SitePen is a perfect fit between
Ambassador — a high performing sales and media company — and SitePen,
expert at developing web-based applications.

“SitePen thrives on building applications for companies that have a real
business model, and need assistance taking their ideas from concept to
reality,” noted Dylan Schiemann, CEO of SitePen, and co-creator of the
Dojo Toolkit. “Our clients typically have a clear understanding of what
they want to achieve, and need help making it happen. This is where
SitePen comes in.”

SitePen analyzed vital components for Ambassador’s web-based platform:
the ability to manage a large number of advertising campaigns, use as a
sales friendly tool and ultimately a design that addresses the goals of
advertisers by meeting the needs of their consumers.

The software application enhances Ambassador’s position as a
full-service media company with print directories and the ability to
offer Internet presence across major search engines and internet yellow

“By having our own, branded Web presence, crafted with SitePen’s
expertise, Ambassador will continue to meet its goal of providing all
advertisers the ability to offer their goods and services to
ready-to-buy consumers,” said Hipple.

About Ambassador Publications: New York City-based Ambassador, founded
in 1999, publishes print directories in metro New York. Ambassador is at
the forefront of Internet directional advertising. With the launch of
its custom-built software application — allowing advertisers to connect
with clients across many search engines and IYPs — Ambassador continues
to lead the media industry in delivering leads to local and national
advertisers in print and online.

About SitePen: Based in Palo Alto, California, SitePen focuses on
building rich, internet applications that push the limits of the web.
Its superstar team works consistently to define the user experience
while developing clean, functional applications for companies throughout
the consumer, enterprise, and open source spaces. SitePen contributes to
a number of open-source initiatives, including the Dojo Toolkit, Cometd,
and the Dojo Offline Toolkit. Online at

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