We hear it a lot. You want to learn Dojo, especially now that Dojo 1.7 is released, but you don’t know how to ask your boss. We’ve pulled together some tools you might be able to use.

What to say

Here’s a sample script. Remember, everyone is different, so be sure you try to use your own words. Your boss probably won’t like you reading this verbatim, but if you have to, you have to.

You: SitePen is having a Dojo workshop in New York City on April 17*. Can I go?  (*Make sure you check out our 2012 workshop schedule and choose the city and date that is best for you.)
Boss: (*without looking up from what he is doing*) Mmm. Hmm. You want me to pay for you to go to New York City to learn Dojo?
You: Yes. It just happens to be where SitePen will be holding its next Dojo workshop, and they cover Dojo 1.7. You’ve heard of SitePen haven’t you?
Boss: Of course I’ve heard of SitePen! *finally looking away from his work and at you*
You: So you know that SitePen is a major contributor to the Dojo Toolkit and has made a name for itself by creating, building and committing to one of the most robust JavaScript toolkits available today? And that their suite of services is designed to efficiently handle complex application development while providing world-class training and Dojo support? Also, you probably already know that SitePen has been successfully assisting extraordinary companies launch web apps since 2000 and they employ an unsurpassed, US-based development team that leads the industry in innovation and skill.
Boss: I know SitePen is the best resource for us to learn Dojo. Let me think about it.

About our workshops

Your Boss is probably going to want to know what’s covered in the workshops. We have some “boss-like” descriptions you can give to him. He’ll like that its less than 3 sentences.

jUMP into Dojo is the best starting point for any developer wanting to learn about Dojo, Ajax and RIA development. This workshop provides a rapid introduction to the capabilities of Dojo and attendees will gain experience in applying them to solve real-world problems.

Dojo Skills is the perfect workshop for learning in depth details to create web applications with Dojo and Dijit. This workshop covers advantages of Dojo’s cross-browser charts and user interface widgets through a powerful development model.

If you think these are still too long, just tell him “Dojo 1.7”.

Still need more?

You can check us out and come up with some more pretty darned good reasons you should attend a Dojo Workshop. Did we mention our workshops cover Dojo 1.7? Oh. Okay then. Just making sure.

Good luck!  We’re looking forward to seeing you at one of our Dojo Workshops!

And don’t forget, in addition to providing amazing Dojo workshops, SitePen also offers Dojo Support and extraordinary custom web app development.