Observing Intersection Observers

By on September 5, 2017 9:51 am

As developing for the web has matured and JavaScript engines have become faster, one area remains a significant bottleneck – rendering. It’s because of this that so many of the recent development efforts have been focused around rendering, with virtual DOM being one of the more popular examples. In Dojo 2, being aware of these new APIs and approaches has been a priority. But working with a new API has its challenges and the Intersection Observer API is no different.

We break it all down over at David Walsh Blog.

Check it out!

Ahead of the Curve:
TypeScript & Enterprise Web Development

By on June 12, 2017 2:48 pm

For a concise read on why the enterprise should care about using TypeScript in its applications, look no further than Remo Jansen of the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics’ presentation on the 6 reasons you should be using TypeScript.

The SitePen engineering team has been using TypeScript since it came onto the open source scene 5 years ago. We’ve built several customer applications using TypeScript and TypeScript frameworks. Our next generation version of Dojo (which will be the defacto enterprise framework for organizations who value sustainability, longevity and true open source software) is 100% TypeScript.

With a healthy respect for what the TypeScript team has accomplished and being enthusiastic contributors to the TypeScript language through development, our TypeDoc improvements and our testing framework, Intern (built with and for use in testing TypeScript), we are well-positioned to modernize applications beginning with tech stack migration, forward-thinking architecture, TypeScript development, team training and commercial support.

While we’ve been offering online TypeScript workshops for quite some time, our UK contingent of engineers have their hearts set on delivering a public training course to the London (and surrounding countries) developer community. So, for one time only, please join our CTO, Kitson Kelly – a team-labeled TypeScript purist – as he brings you some serious TypeScript training and to the next level in enterprise web development.

August 31, 2017 | 9:00 – 17:00 BST
Location: TBD, London

Course Outline

  • Introduction to TypeScript: Benefits and key TypeScript concepts
  • Compatibility with ES6+: Which ES6 and later features are supported
  • Development Environment Setup: Quick and optimal environment setup
  • Basic types: Working with types
  • The power of interfaces: Leveraging TypeScript interfaces to improve code readability
  • Extending interfaces: Unions, aliases, and other advanced interface features
  • Classes and composition: Using Classes, functional composition, and differences from ES Classes
  • Generics: How to use generic types for building APIs
  • Ambient Declarations: Leveraging other type definitions
  • Decorators and Metadata: Syntax for efficient extension of Classes and other language features
  • Advanced TypeScript configuration: Additional options for getting the most from TypeScript
  • Testing: A robust testing workflow with TypeScript
  • Debugging: Troubleshooting and finding errors in your application
  • Future of TypeScript: Summary of highly anticipated TypeScript features

Early Bird pricing is now available!

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Meet the Team: Audrey Hayes

By on November 6, 2015 8:19 am

The first thing you need to know about Audrey is that she’s the new girl and she’s turning out to be just as cool as another infamous New Girl we know! I say this because during her first week at SitePen, she fearlessly entered the Apple Bobbing contest and stuck her head in a bucket of water — in front of a bunch of people she barely knew — on video! I was impressed. Would you do it?

Say Hello to Audrey, the newest addition to SitePen’s UI Design team!

Meet the Team: Ed Hager

By on October 9, 2015 10:39 am

The one thing I would have you know about Ed is that he’s a real-life renaissance man. When Ed’s not skydiving, full-stack engineering, being an amazing father, devoted husband, raising chickens, snowboarding, making tomato sauce or being a mentor, Ed can be found moving all of his worldly possessions back and forth between the states of Kansas and Washington. Let’s see what Ed wants to share with us today!

Meet the Team: Eric Heasley

By on October 1, 2015 10:07 am

In this post, we’re getting to know Eric Heasley. A technical project manager and a gentleman, Eric can usually be found in the trenches, getting the job done. Given that we already know that he really likes lifting things over his head, let’s see what else we can learn about Eric!

Welcome our new CTO, Kitson Kelly!

By on September 22, 2015 9:02 am

KPK_512In line with SitePen’s continued growth, we’re excited to announce that Kitson Kelly has joined the SitePen team as our new Chief Technology Officer. Kitson, who usually goes by just Kit, brings a wealth of technical knowledge and engineering leadership, as well as some interesting British humour to the table.

KLP uses dgrid

By on July 11, 2012 8:48 am

As a SitePen customer, Øyvind Aaraas of KLP decided to try out dgrid on one of his company’s web applications.   When asked about his early experience with dgrid, here’s what he had to say!

SitePen: How did you learn about dgrid?

KLP: We follow the SitePen blog and learned of it there.

SitePen: Why did you choose dgrid?

KLP: Because dgrid was easy to work with, easy to style and extend and has very quick rendering in all browsers.

SitePen: Is dgrid being used to replace another grid?

KLP: Yes, it replaces the dojoX dataGrid.

SitePen: How does your application use dgrid?

KLP: Our application uses dgrid with both editable fields, expand features and pagination.  Currently we use it with the JSONRestStore for retrieving, displaying and updating member data.

SitePen: Small Business, Big Plans

By on May 31, 2012 1:38 pm

“Small businesses embody the spirit of innovation and they are the lifeblood of our economy,” says David Chavern, U.S. Chamber executive vice president and chief operating officer.

We think so too, David!

It’s said that small business — firms with fewer than 500 employees — drive the U.S. economy by providing jobs for over half of the nation’s private workforce.

We helped! SitePen has been in business since 2000, surviving through two economic downturns, a bunch of hard lessons learned and some crazy web antics.

Still here, stronger and more excited than ever about the potential of the internet, our amazingly talented team decided to create a product of our very own! Development got underway earlier this year and while we’re not quite ready to unleash our code upon the world, you can imagine how conveniently timed it was for us to stumble upon our eligibility for a business grant from Chase & Living Social! The program will award 12 individual grants of $250,000 and was developed to provide small businesses with capital and innovative marketing resources needed to make a positive impact on their business.

We would do exactly that!

With additional funds for our new product line of business, we would increase development cycles and marketing investment while decreasing our time to market! From there, the sky’s the limit!

So, if you’re a friend, fan (aka customer) or part of the SitePen family, you can help us qualify for this grant by voting for us in a few simple steps:

1. Go to missionsmallbusiness.com
2. Click the “Log In & Support” button
3. Type in SitePen & click the “Search” button
4. Vote!

We’re pretty impressed with companies — like Chase and Living Social — that support small businesses and we’re happy to participate in their recognition of small business everywhere.

Using dojo.store.JsonRest with a DojoX DataGrid

By on July 15, 2011 4:32 pm

As a part of our Free Dojo Support initiative, we received the following request for a CRUD example using dojo.store.JsonRest with a Dojo grid

The Question

“Dojo 1.6 supposedly has a new data access scheme, but I’m finding it unusable because I can’t find any complete working examples for something as basic as Create, Read, Update, Delete when using a Dojo grid ultimately populated from a dojo.store.JsonRest store. I’ve created my JsonRest servlet, but the Dojo data grids only seem to have the necessary behavior for handling the R part of CRUD. I cannot find a complete CRUD working example of using dojo.store.JsonRest with a dojo grid.