Author: Cody Lindley

Understanding dojo.require

Dojo provides a feature-rich system for including JavaScript modules. Before we begin this journey to explore this concept in depth, you should know that absolutely no knowledge of the Dojo module, packaging, and build system are required to use Dojo. You can easily get started using Dojo by using a script element referring to a copy of Dojo on the AOL or Google CDNs. If you want to host your own version of Dojo, you can easily download dojo.js, include

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Learning Dojo 1.4

Notice: There is a newer version of this post available There is so much existing information about the Dojo Toolkit that it can be challenging to know where to begin. The following is a Dojo curriculum (I use this term loosely) highlighting community resources and a logical path for self-learning the foundational parts of Dojo.  If you understand the purpose of a variable and function, or you are new to Dojo, then this is for you.

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