Author: Eric Heasley

SitePen Unplugged 2016: Less Rugged, More Plugg-ed!

It had been two years since our last adventure so it was time to round everyone up the last week of July for another exciting experience! Just like last time, our management team kept the whole trip a secret until the last possible moment, shortly before our flights had to be scheduled. Around the same time, they began to tease of the luxurious accommodations we would be sharing for four days this year such as a roof, bed, flushing toilet,

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dgrid 0.3.16 is born!

dgrid 0.3.16 has been released!  It includes the following improvements: Various improvements to keyboard accessibility, including interoperation with the ColumnSet mixin and editor column plugin Additional ARIA attributes for improved accessibility in the ColumnHider and Pagination extensions Improvements to logic for drag-and-drop operations with DnD extension More information on dgrid 0.3.16 is available in the release notes. We are working hard on our next release, dgrid 0.4!

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SitePen Unplugged 2014: A face-to-face adventure

SitePen is a rather unique company. For those of you who don’t already know, everyone in our company works from home. We are all spread across the United States. Despite that, the magic of our culture is that we feel closer to our coworkers at SitePen than at our previous office-based jobs. How is that even possible?!? We have grown together (think Katamari Damacy) through phone and online conversations and the virtual office we share is a very real thing

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