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A quick look at Intern’s findByXpath

Intern‘s Leadfoot API makes it easier to author functional tests in JavaScript. One of the fundamental concepts for authoring functional tests is to access an element within a page to test it. While most developers are familiar with CSS selectors, this is not always the most efficient mechanism for referencing a particular element in a page. findByXpath XPath is a technology that is often overlooked by developers because of the perception that all things XML are overly complex. That said,

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What Is The Best Way To Start A Dojo Project?

Last week, we announced Free Dojo Support to help Dojo developers with their ongoing development efforts and improve the way they were using Dojo.

Our First Question

Our first question comes from Dojo user Abdullah H. Al-Shaikh who asked:

“I Have Been Working On Dojo For Quite Some Time Now… But I Can’t Put My Finger On The Proper Way To Start And Then Build A Stable Large Scale Dojo Project.

My Question Is What Is The Best Way To Start A Dojo Project?

I’m Looking For:

  1. Best Practices.
  2. Applying Modularity
  3. Prototyping vs. Closures.
  4. Mixing And Matching With Different JavaScript Libraries (Namespaces)


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