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  • Dojo WebSocket with AMD

    Dojo WebSocket with AMD

    Kris Zyp | November 5, 2012

    Dojo has an API for Comet-style real-time communication based on the WebSocket API. WebSocket provides a bi-directional connection to servers that is ideal for pushing messages from a server to a client in real-time. Dojo’s dojox/socket module provides access to this API with automated fallback to HTTP-based long-polling for browsers (or servers) that do not

  • Now Supporting all Major Toolkits!

    Now Supporting all Major Toolkits!

    Dylan Schiemann | July 19, 2012

    We have been providing JavaScript and Dojo support to freelancers, start-ups and Fortune 500 companies for nearly a decade. As we intently watch enterprise organizations everywhere begin to roll out AMD (read about why AMD matters) and the associated code improvements, we are thrilled with the industry’s direction toward toolkit interoperability! Why? Because! Our masterful

  • A Tale of Two Panels

    A Tale of Two Panels

    Dylan Schiemann | February 25, 2009

    Silicon Valley Web Builder has a series of monthly panels on topics of interest to web application developers. I had the opportunity to attend a pair of events recently, once as a speaker, once as an attendee, and the contrast between the two was intriguing. The first panel in November was focused on Comet, while

  • Client/Server Model on the Web

    Kris Zyp | July 18, 2008

    Prior to the popularity of the web, client/server applications often involved the creation of native applications which were deployed to clients. In this model, developers had a great deal of freedom in determining which parts of the entire client/server application would be in the client and which in the server. Consequently, very mature models for

  • Everyone can “Ask the Experts”

    Everyone can “Ask the Experts”

    Kevin Dangoor | May 11, 2008

    In March, we introduced the SitePen Support service to provide high-quality support for Dojo, DWR and Cometd from the people who know those projects inside and out. We’re always watching to see how we can make our services better and after listening to our early support clients we’re making changes to ensure that clients are

  • Which Comet Implementation?

    Which Comet Implementation?

    Dylan Schiemann | March 27, 2008

    As people are becoming more interested in Comet, “which Comet implementation should I use?” is becoming a common question. At Comet Daily, we recently had a post comparing the maturity of various Comet implementations. From this, we came up with the idea of a Comet Comparison Guide to make it easy to learn about the

  • Now Available: Commercial Support for the Dojo Toolkit, DWR, and Cometd

    Now Available: Commercial Support for the Dojo Toolkit, DWR, and Cometd

    Dylan Schiemann | March 14, 2008

    We’re very excited about our new commercial support offering for the Dojo Toolkit, DWR, and Cometd. So what is SitePen Support and what do we have to offer? Advice When getting started with something different or new, there’s rarely documentation or a tutorial that addresses things in quite the right way. As such, we offer

  • Commercial Support Now Available from the Co-Creators and Contributors of the Dojo Toolkit, DWR, and Cometd

    Commercial Support Now Available from the Co-Creators and Contributors of the Dojo Toolkit, DWR, and Cometd

    Dylan Schiemann | March 13, 2008

    Palo Alto, CA – March 13, 2008. SitePen is responding to the growing demand for commercial web application assistance by launching a support service for the Dojo Toolkit, Cometd, DWR, and related web technologies. SitePen Support is available immediately to provide development teams with the fast answers needed to build great web applications under short

  • Eugene Lazutkin, Peter Higgins & Kris Zyp Join SitePen

    Eugene Lazutkin, Peter Higgins & Kris Zyp Join SitePen

    Dylan Schiemann | January 2, 2008

    As we kick off 2008, I’m pleased and extremely excited to announce that we’ve added some awesome, new talent to the SitePen team. Eugene Lazutkin is highly respected in Dojo circles for his work on Drag-n-drop, GFX (2D and 3D), Charting, and many other crucial 0.9 and 1.0 features. For the past two years, Eugene

  • Dojo on the iPhone conference slides

    Dylan Schiemann | September 27, 2007

    I recently had the opportunity to speak about Dojo on the iPhone at AjaxWorld West. The session was a straightforward, if not colorful, review of the current state of app development for the iPhone. In preparing for the presentation, I needed to install several native applications in order to create high quality screenshots for my

  • Conference Slides

    Conference Slides

    Dylan Schiemann | September 9, 2007

    Slides from our recent talks at the Ajax Experience and the Rich Web Experience are now available. Newly added talks include: Standards Heresy: Dojo and the Rise of Open Web Pragmatism Dojo 0.9: Faster, Leaner, and Dijit? Comet: Low Latency Data Transit or Really Bad Pun?

  • The iPhone Screenshot Quest

    Dylan Schiemann | September 4, 2007

    I speak at a number of conferences and am giving a couple of talks later this year about Dojo on the iPhone. Of course, giving a talk without being able to show demos is frustrating, but giving a talk without having high-quality screenshots is silly. There wasn’t a solution known outside of Apple until recently,

  • Filling the iPhone Chat Gap

    Jason Cline | July 12, 2007

    Many people are perplexed by the absence of instant messaging on the iPhone. Apple has done great things for SMS with their ichat styled interface. Unfortunately they stopped short of providing a seamless IM experience. Hopefully Apple will add these features in a future software update. The iPhoneDevCamp in San Francisco last weekend saw several

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