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  • Why did we start TSConf?

    Why did we start TSConf?

    Nick Nisi | March 6, 2020

    The ubiquity of JavaScript is undeniable; it’s the universal language of the web — a position that no other languages hold. JavaScript is flexible, able to adapt and grow as the web grows.

  • HalfStack Conference – Phoenix, January 2020

    HalfStack Conference – Phoenix, January 2020

    Mangala SSS Khalsa | March 3, 2020

    HalfStack is a series of tech conferences focused on half of the web development stack – specifically, the part you interface with. It lives up to its claims of being “an authentic, high value experience for attendees and sponsors focused on UI-centric JavaScript and web development.

  • JSConf US 2019: Pushing JavaScript Beyond the Browser

    JSConf US 2019: Pushing JavaScript Beyond the Browser

    Anthony Ciccarello | September 30, 2019

    As a first-time JSConf attendee, I happily embraced the welcoming culture and fun atmosphere – surfing, anyone? But I was even more impacted by the presentations centered around JavaScript expanding beyond the browser, using JavaScript to help others, and the focus on community.

  • 2019 Esri Developer Summit Recap

    2019 Esri Developer Summit Recap

    Dylan Schiemann | March 21, 2019

    Esri provides the excellent ArcGIS for JavaScript API for building geospatial applications. Their approach has grown substantially over the years, from basic two-dimensional maps comparable to early Google Maps implementations to now cover nearly everything I can imagine wanting to do in a 2-D or 3-D map.

  • Cats vs Dogs: Answering the Important Questions

    Cats vs Dogs: Answering the Important Questions

    Paul Shannon | December 19, 2018

    SitePen participates in a number of conferences around the world presenting new technology and ideas to engineers and designers. Recently Dylan Schiemann and Tom Dye spoke at the HalfStack Conference in London and Paul Shannon spoke at Phoenix TypeScript meetup.

  • Reflecting on ffconf 2018

    Reflecting on ffconf 2018

    James Milner | November 14, 2018

    Last Thursday I was lucky enough to get over to the highly regarded web development conference ffconf in Brighton. This was my first time at the event and I can say that it lived up to and even exceeded my expectations.

  • Building a Modern JavaScript Framework

    Building a Modern JavaScript Framework

    James Milner | November 12, 2018

    Every year, Esri, the world’s largest geospatial software vendor, runs its developer summit in Europe. This conference, the Esri EU DevSummit, attracts around 350 developers working with Esri technology from across Europe, all coalescing in Berlin.

  • React Already Did That at All Things Open 2018

    React Already Did That at All Things Open 2018

    Dylan Schiemann | November 7, 2018

    All Things Open is a large, community-created open source conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, with nearly 4,000 attendees and 20 concurrent sessions. At this year’s event, I was invited to deliver a talk similar to one I had presented at JSConf titled “React Already Did That.

  • Node+JS Interactive 2018: From Accessibility to JS Interoperability

    Node+JS Interactive 2018: From Accessibility to JS Interoperability

    Dylan Schiemann | October 23, 2018

    The 2018 edition of the Node+JS Interactive conference featured nearly 1,000 JavaScript and Node.js enthusiasts at the first combined event organized by the Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation. The event included nearly 100 sessions, panels, and community events designed to help grow and foster the JavaScript ecosystem.

  • FullStack London 2018 – Improving User Experience With Web Workers

    FullStack London 2018 – Improving User Experience With Web Workers

    Lisa Flood | July 27, 2018

    At this months’s FullStack London 2018, SitePen Engineer James Milner presented the talk “Improving User Experience With Web Workers”. Web browsers use single-threaded JavaScript to perform tasks; business logic, layout, reflows, and garbage collection. This means complex and heavy JavaScript functions can block the main thread from rendering.

  • FullStack London 2018: Choosing a Framework

    FullStack London 2018: Choosing a Framework

    Lisa Flood | July 26, 2018

    At this month’s FullStack London 2018, our CEO, Dylan Schiemann, presented the talk “Choosing a Framework”, based on our Choosing a Framework blog series. Given our long history in web development, we’ve seen JavaScript evolve from an obscure simplistic scripting language to the language of the internet.

  • CSUN ATC 2018: Attack of the Acronyms

    CSUN ATC 2018: Attack of the Acronyms

    Sarah Higley | April 17, 2018

    Picture lots and lots of dogs wearing vests Now, are you thinking of a Lewis Carroll-esque canine tea party, or a collection of service dogs? If the latter, you may be ready to attend the thankfully-abbreviated California State University: Northridge Assistive Technology Conference (hereafter referred to as CSUN or #CSUNATC18).

  • Don’t forget your keys

    Don’t forget your keys

    Dylan Schiemann | April 16, 2018

    At the recent NEJSConf, SitePen engineer Sarah Higley delivered a talk titled Don’t forget your keys. People tend to assume everyone navigates the world in the same way they do: on two legs, responding to visual cues, hearing speech, reading emotion. For developers, this often means web accessibility comes as an afterthought, if at all.

  • TSConf: The First TypeScript Conference

    TSConf: The First TypeScript Conference

    Dylan Schiemann | April 12, 2018

    In case you missed it, SitePen was the presenting sponsor of the inaugural TSConf which took place in Seattle on March 12, 2018! The Backstory In 2017, we met the TypeScript team in person after years of being avid members and contributors to the TypeScript project.

  • Polymer Summit 2017

    Polymer Summit 2017

    Anthony Gubler | September 13, 2017

    Recently I was fortunate to be able to attend the Google Polymer Summit in Copenhagen with a SitePen colleague. Having attended the PWA Summit last year in Amsterdam we were expecting a well organised and interesting conference, and we were not to be disappointed.

  • Web Summit Recap

    Web Summit Recap

    Dylan Schiemann | November 16, 2016

    Now in its 7th year, Web Summit is the world’s largest web conference, with more than 50,000 people in attendance. The conference possibly draws inspiration from SXSW Interactive, with a European twist. Each year it brings an impressive agenda of speakers and attendees from around the world.

  • SafetyNet 2016 recap

    SafetyNet 2016 recap

    Dylan Schiemann | October 7, 2016

    SafetyNet is an annual conference hosted by Pulsiam and is focused on trends in software for the safety industry.

  • JavaScript Pub Quiz

    JavaScript Pub Quiz

    Dylan Schiemann | July 26, 2016

    A quintessential British tradition is the pub quiz, a test of a group’s knowledge of obscure facts and trivia, typically shared over dinner and drinks at a pub.

  • FullStack 2016

    FullStack 2016

    Dylan Schiemann | July 20, 2016

    FullStack is a large London JavaScript conference hosted at the Skills Matter CodeNode. The conference brings together an impressive line-up of speakers and workshops covering five tracks over three full days of festivities. We were invited to speak at FullStack, and also enjoyed many of the other sessions and met many great engineers.

  • The Lead Developer: Day 2

    The Lead Developer: Day 2

    Dylan Schiemann | July 8, 2016

    Day 2 of the Lead Developer Conference continued with a series of excellent talks. Be sure to check out the Day 1 recap if you missed it. Michael Lopp, Slack Michael is the VP of Engineering at Slack and known for Rands in Repose. He gave the talk Leadership.

  • The Lead Developer: Day 1

    The Lead Developer: Day 1

    Dylan Schiemann | July 7, 2016

    Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Lead Developer Conference, a two-day, single-track conference with over 400 development leads from the UK, Europe, the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • QCon Beijing 2016 conference recap

    QCon Beijing 2016 conference recap

    Dylan Schiemann | April 28, 2016

    QCon Beijing happened last week and I had the opportunity to travel and give a talk as one of the few American speakers. Most notably, all talks were delivered in Mandarin which was a bit of a challenge given that I don’t speak Mandarin.

  • On the leading Edge

    On the leading Edge

    Kit Kelly | April 7, 2016

    I attended the Microsoft Edge Web Summit in San Francisco. I will be honest, outside of meeting a few people, I wasn’t expecting much. Instead, I found myself face-to-face with the “new” Microsoft.

  • 2016 Esri DevSummit Recap

    2016 Esri DevSummit Recap

    Dylan Schiemann | March 31, 2016

    Esri, the creators of great mapping technology, hosts their DevSummit every March in Palm Springs, CA. Esri creates their popular ArcGIS for JavaScript API by leveraging the Dojo Toolkit. Esri trends Each year Esri announces a number of new features and technologies at the DevSummit, and this year was no exception.

  • JSConf Last Call

    JSConf Last Call

    Jacob Roufa | December 11, 2015

    Last weekend at the Omni resort on Amelia Island, FL, the last JSConf US took place. The Williams family is no longer able to run this conference, so with much sadness it will not be continuing in its current form. The JavaScript community legacy they have left behind is nothing short of astounding.

  • HalfStack Conference Recap

    HalfStack Conference Recap

    Dylan Schiemann | December 10, 2015

    Picture this: 100+ developers and their phones and laptops making crashing noises playing a live-created clone of Flappy Bird. Now picture the same devices working together to create a live MIDI concert, followed by a challenging and fun JavaScript pub quiz.

  • FullStack Conference Recap

    FullStack Conference Recap

    Kit Kelly | November 3, 2015

    I had the opportunity to speak and attend FullStack 2015 organised by Skills Matter and hosted at their CodeNode location in central London.

  • Twitter Flight Recap

    Twitter Flight Recap

    Brian Weiser | October 23, 2015

    I was recently invited to attend the Twitter Flight conference in San Francisco! While this conference is clearly focused around Twitter products, this year included mobile and data tracks which covered the Fabric mobile SDK and the GNIP enterprise API platform.

  • Robust JavaScript Application Architecture

    Robust JavaScript Application Architecture

    Dylan Schiemann | January 8, 2015

    In October, 2014, I was coerced invited to deliver a talk at the first FullStack conference in London, a conference focused on Node.js, JavaScript and hackable electronics. The conference was an interesting cross-section of all things related to JavaScript.

  • EdgeConf San Francisco 2014

    EdgeConf San Francisco 2014

    Dylan Schiemann | September 24, 2014

    At many conferences, the hallway track is more interesting than the track during presentations. It’s the serendipity of a small group of people interested in solving a similar problem that run into each other and just start talking through it that makes the hallway track the most interactive experience at most conferences.

  • Dylan presents AMD at London Ajax

    Dylan presents AMD at London Ajax

    Angela Segovia | April 11, 2012

    Continuing on his road trip, Dylan presented AMD in Depth at the London Ajax User Group meeting on April 10th.   Over 80 optimistic and energetic developers attended the engaging presentation. Want to learn more about AMD?  Check out the presentation on our SlideShare page. Next stop for Dylan?  Phoenix Mobile Festival on April 21.

  • Top Ways Dojo Can Improve Your Mapping App

    Top Ways Dojo Can Improve Your Mapping App

    Angela Segovia | March 28, 2012

    The 2012 ESRI Developer Summit is attended by 1,700 developers, half are attending for the first time and thirty percent are from international locations! Dylan continues to mingle with like-minded Dojo enthusiasts from around the world, including people from the US, Canada, UAE, Japan, England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands! 

  • SitePen in Palm Springs for the ESRI Developer Summit

    SitePen in Palm Springs for the ESRI Developer Summit

    Angela Segovia | March 27, 2012

    Dylan arrived in Palm Springs on Saturday with hundreds of other ESRI Partners just in time to participate in the Jim Christoffersen Golf Classic.  The four-player shamble event took place on the south course at the Indian Canyons Golf Resort.

  • Rich Web Experience 2011 – And so it was!

    Rich Web Experience 2011 – And so it was!

    Angela Segovia | December 2, 2011

    SitePen’s Dylan Schiemann delivered the last of his three Rich Web Experience 2011 presentations yesterday, Never Bet Against the Open Web. Dylan had this to say about his time at #RWX2011: The level of interest in AMD, object stores, and mobile is impressive.

  • SitePen at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011

    SitePen at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011

    Angela Segovia | October 19, 2011

    Featured as one of three sessions to see on Monday’s web track at the BlackBerry DevCon Americas conference in San Francisco this week, SitePen’s CEO Dylan Schiemann presented Make Beautiful Apps Faster Using the Dojo Mobile Toolkit.

  • Dojo and the Future of Web Apps

    Dojo and the Future of Web Apps

    Dylan Schiemann | September 22, 2009

    If you’re attending the Future of Web Apps conference in London in early October, be sure to introduce yourself. I’m excited to learn the results of the 2009 Web Application survey.

  • Dojo at ZendCon

    Dojo at ZendCon

    Alex Russell | September 19, 2008

    I gave a talk on Dojo Wednesday at ZendCon, and when I walked into the room for the talk, there was some disorder as the conference center staff were taking out the tables to fit more chairs in.

  • Dynamic Languages and Your Mom, 2.0

    Dynamic Languages and Your Mom, 2.0

    Dylan Schiemann | March 3, 2008

    SitePen was in the news recently: Simplexity Rising: Web usability reveals itself to be a game of hide-and-seek covers our session, “Your Mom, 2.0”, for the upcoming SXSW 2008, and offers some choice quotes about building web apps that are feature rich yet easy to use.

  • JFokus 2008 Wrap-up

    JFokus 2008 Wrap-up

    Joe Walker | February 8, 2008

    I’ve just had a whirlwind trip to Stockholm for JFokus 2008. It was a focused conference with some really interesting presentations. I came back wishing that I wasn’t on such a tight schedule so that I could have attended more talks.

  • Dojo on the iPhone conference slides

    Dojo on the iPhone conference slides

    Dylan Schiemann | September 27, 2007

    I recently had the opportunity to speak about Dojo on the iPhone at AjaxWorld West. The session was a straightforward, if not colorful, review of the current state of app development for the iPhone.

  • Conference Slides

    Conference Slides

    Dylan Schiemann | September 9, 2007

    Slides from our recent talks at the Ajax Experience and the Rich Web Experience are now available. Newly added talks include: Standards Heresy: Dojo and the Rise of Open Web Pragmatism Dojo 0.

  • ajax experience recap

    ajax experience recap

    Dylan Schiemann | July 31, 2007

    Last week was the latest installment of the Ajax Experience in San Francisco. More low-key than last year’s conference, I left the main corridor only to give two talks, one on Dojo and one on Comet.

  • Upcoming events

    Upcoming events

    Dylan Schiemann | May 19, 2007

    We’re speaking at and/or attending a number of upcoming events and conferences. We hope to see you there! May 20-23: Alex will be attending the IEEE Privacy and Security Symposium in Oakland, CA. Prior to our Dojo days, Alex spent most of his time thinking about security.

  • AjaxWorld and SXSW talks on dojo.gfx

    AjaxWorld and SXSW talks on dojo.gfx

    Dylan Schiemann | March 27, 2007

    At SXSW and AjaxWorld, I had the opportunity to talk about dojo.gfx and native web vector graphics in general. The amazing thing about these talks was the large number of attendees familiar with and interested in SVG, Canvas, and other native vector graphics formats.

  • SitePen at the Ajax Experience

    SitePen at the Ajax Experience

    Dylan Schiemann | October 20, 2006

    The Ajax Experience is this Monday October 23 through Wednesday October 25 in Boston. If it is anything like the one in San Francisco in May, it is going to be a great show.We are giving four talks at the conference.

  • Mobile Ajax: Hype, Reality, and SitePen

    Mobile Ajax: Hype, Reality, and SitePen

    Alex Russell | September 30, 2006

    “Mobile Ajax” is a code word for “snake oil” and the folks who claim it’s the future probably aren’t working with it. SitePen has been digging pretty deep under the covers of the carrier/content/developer mess, and here’s what we found.

  • SitePen At LinuxWorld

    SitePen At LinuxWorld

    Alex Russell | August 14, 2006

    I’ll be at LinuxWorld this week, and I’ll even be giving a talk on Thursday. If you’re going to be at the conference and want to catch up, just send mail to alex at sitepen dot com.

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