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  • SafetyNet 2016 recap

    Dylan Schiemann | October 7, 2016

    SafetyNet is an annual conference hosted by Pulsiam and is focused on trends in software for the safety industry.

  • Mixing Dojo widgets and Angular 2 components

    Anthony Gubler | August 19, 2016

    We were recently asked about options for mixing Dojo widgets and Angular 2 components into the same application: Is it possible to render an Angular 2 component and Dojo widgets on the same page? Are there any special configuration settings needed? What’s the best way for Angular 2 and Dojo to communicate and/or send messages?

  • dgrid 1.0 Released!

    Ken Franqueiro | January 11, 2016

    It’s been over a year since the release of dgrid 0.4, which brought about some major changes, including integration with the new dstore API. Since then, we (and others) have used it in numerous applications, and we’ve continued to refine it. Now, at long last, we’re proud to announce dgrid 1.

  • Exploring dgrid with dgrid Laboratory

    James Donaghue | November 16, 2015

    For the dgrid 0.4 release we added a new demo and helper utility, the dgrid Laboratory. This is more than just a demo, as it allows you to quickly explore and build different dgrid configurations, returning boilerplate code for efficiently including dgrid within your application.

  • dstore 1.1 released

    Kris Zyp | April 17, 2015

    We have released dstore version 1.1, which features a new set of stores for local DB storage. This feature provides the ability to store data locally in browsers, and use high-performance querying capabilities through the disparate technologies of IndexedDB and WebSQL (and localStorage), through the consistent dstore interface.

  • Minimizing Dijit Instances in dgrid

    Kris Zyp | April 14, 2015

    Dijit and dgrid provide a powerful set of user interface components, allowing for fast construction of sophisticated web applications with excellent performance and interactivity. However, one particular configuration of dgrid that can impact memory and performance: heavy use of persistent Dijit editors within grid cells.

  • FAQ: How can I create a JSONP service-based store?

    Mangala SSS Khalsa | July 9, 2014

    Dojo’s store API is a common interface for providing data to user interface widgets, such as dgrid, Dijit Select, and Dojo Charting. The beauty of having a consistent API is that once you’ve defined an interface for a data source, that data becomes easily available to all widgets that support the store API.

  • Dojo FAQ: How does selection work with dgrid?

    Mangala SSS Khalsa | May 8, 2014

    dgrid’s Selection mixin dgrid is SitePen’s lightweight, modular, and easily extensible modern grid component, designed for use with AMD and Dojo. The Selection and CellSelection mixins enable selection of rows or cells, both from mouse or keyboard actions and programmatically.

  • Working with Dojo and AMD in Production

    Working with Dojo and AMD in Production

    Dylan Schiemann | August 27, 2012

    In our recent post on dgrid and Dojo Nano, we showed a technique of using nested require statements in order to make use of optimized layers using the Dojo build system. As a refresher, a layer is Dojo’s terminology for a file that combines many JavaScript resources into a single file.

  • RIATeam Loves dgrid

    Dylan Schiemann | August 22, 2012

    Juan Carlos Galindo Navarro of Venezuela-based RIATeam shares his early dgrid experience with SitePen. Here’s what he had to say. SitePen: How did you learn about dgrid? RIATeam: As a lover of the progress that Dojo Toolkit provides the community, I am always on the lookout for news and features shown in the SitePen Blog.

  • The SitePen Insider

    The SitePen Insider

    Dylan Schiemann | August 3, 2012

    Want an easy way to keep up with SitePen efforts on Dojo, dgrid, AMD, JavaScript, and the open web? Then click the Keep In Touch button at the end of this blog and sign up now! To see what types of things you can expect, check out the July edition of the SitePen Insider! With

  • dgrid.  Possibilities abound!

    dgrid. Possibilities abound!

    Dylan Schiemann | August 1, 2012

    SitePen was contacted by FieldAware when CTO Andronikos Nedos was tasked with building a highly interactive, bespoke, work scheduler widget using Dojo.

  • EPiServer Leverages dgrid

    Dylan Schiemann | July 26, 2012

    Linus Ekström of Stockholm-based EPiServer shares his early dgrid experience with SitePen. Here’s what he had to say. SitePen: How did you learn about dgrid? EPiServer: The Dojo website and SitePen blogs. SitePen: Why did you choose dgrid? EPiServer: The existing DojoX DataGrid was too complex to set up and extend.

  • KLP uses dgrid

    Carrie Rice | July 11, 2012

    As a SitePen customer, Øyvind Aaraas of KLP decided to try out dgrid on one of his company’s web applications.   When asked about his early experience with dgrid, here’s what he had to say! SitePen: How did you learn about dgrid? KLP: We follow the SitePen blog and learned of it there.

  • dgrid and Dojo Nano Build

    Dylan Schiemann | June 11, 2012

    You’ve likely read that the new dgrid can be as small as 32KB gzipped when including just its minimal dependencies. However, if you use the standard settings for the Dojo Web Builder or a standard Dojo build profile, you end up with a build that’s closer to 100KB gzipped.

  • CSS Styling of dgrid

    CSS Styling of dgrid

    Kris Zyp | May 3, 2012

    The new dgrid is a powerful, but lightweight grid component. It is specifically built to be easily styled with CSS, rather than relying on programmatic properties and changes. The dgrid makes numerous element classes available to reference from CSS and avoids inline styles as much as possible to ensure ease of CSS customization.

  • The Year of Dojo is Here!

    The Year of Dojo is Here!

    Angela Segovia | January 17, 2012

    Welcome to 2012 – The Year of Dojo!  We are expecting an amazing year! Make SitePen your one stop shop for all of your web application needs; Dojo workshops, JavaScript support and web app development.  Together, with SitePen, you will meet your 2012 goals!  When you’re happy, so are we.

  • Introducing the Next Grid: dgrid

    Introducing the Next Grid: dgrid

    Kris Zyp | October 26, 2011

    Notice: This post is now several years old and covers early versions of dgrid prior to 1.x. We recommend starting with the dgrid tutorials to leverage dgrid 1.x. We have recently reached the alpha milestone in the development of dgrid, a new component for creating lists and grids.

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