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CSS Styling of dgrid

The new dgrid is a powerful, but lightweight grid component. It is specifically built to be easily styled with CSS, rather than relying on programmatic properties and changes. The dgrid makes numerous element classes available to reference from CSS and avoids inline styles as much as possible to ensure ease of CSS customization.

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Introducing the Next Grid: dgrid

Notice: This post is now several years old and covers early versions of dgrid prior to 1.x. We recommend starting with the dgrid tutorials to leverage dgrid 1.x. We have recently reached the alpha milestone in the development of dgrid, a new component for creating lists and grids.

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SitePen Represents at DojoConf 2011

SitePen was in full effect at DojoConf 2011.  Not only did we lead up to the conference with our amazing tutorials, we also impressed with our intense knowledge of all things Dojo.  In case you missed it, or if you just want to see them again, here are our presentations.

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Code Design and Approach for the Next Grid

Viewing a collection of data in tabular or list form is one of the central components of many applications. We are working on a new design to fulfill the need for a grid to quickly navigate sets of data with familiar controls for productive user interaction in the new world of mobile, lightweight applications.

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End of the Year Dojo News and Updates

As 2008 wraps up, there are a number of announcements and noteworthy items surrounding Dojo, DWR, Persevere, and SitePen services. Dojo News Dojo was recently updated to version 1.2.3.

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RESTful JSON + Dojo Data

NOTE: This post is very out of date. For more up to date information about RESTful JSON in Dojo applications there are a number of more recent tutorials are available, such as the Dojo Store introduction, as well as tutorials demonstrating store-driven grids and trees, among others.

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