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  • Security in Ajax

    Security in Ajax

    Kris Zyp | September 25, 2008

    Security in Ajax web applications is of growing importance. While the client-server model is very useful for architecting web applications, the web security is model is not client-server, but rather a client-deputy-server model.

  • Client/Server Model on the Web

    Kris Zyp | July 18, 2008

    Prior to the popularity of the web, client/server applications often involved the creation of native applications which were deployed to clients. In this model, developers had a great deal of freedom in determining which parts of the entire client/server application would be in the client and which in the server.

  • Everyone can “Ask the Experts”

    Everyone can “Ask the Experts”

    Kevin Dangoor | May 11, 2008

    In March, we introduced the SitePen Support service to provide high-quality support for Dojo, DWR and Cometd from the people who know those projects inside and out.

  • Now Available: Commercial Support for the Dojo Toolkit, DWR, and Cometd

    Now Available: Commercial Support for the Dojo Toolkit, DWR, and Cometd

    Dylan Schiemann | March 14, 2008

    We’re very excited about our new commercial support offering for the Dojo Toolkit, DWR, and Cometd. So what is SitePen Support and what do we have to offer? Advice When getting started with something different or new, there’s rarely documentation or a tutorial that addresses things in quite the right way.

  • DWR 3.0 Update

    DWR 3.0 Update

    Dylan Schiemann | March 6, 2008

    Joe was recently interviewed by InfoQ about DWR 3.0 as a preview of his presentation on Comet and DWR at QCon. Key points about DWR 3.0 include: Offline Support (Google Gears and/or Dojo Offline) TIBCO General Interface integration Aptana Jaxer integration OpenAjax Hub, PubSub, Bayeux, etc.

  • Jaxer, Dojo, DWR, and SitePen

    Jaxer, Dojo, DWR, and SitePen

    Dylan Schiemann | February 29, 2008

    From a recent interview with Kevin Hakman on Ajaxian: “I personally love the ability to write a script that runs on the server, but call it from the client as if it were running on the client.

  • JFokus 2008 Wrap-up

    Joe Walker | February 8, 2008

    I’ve just had a whirlwind trip to Stockholm for JFokus 2008. It was a focused conference with some really interesting presentations. I came back wishing that I wasn’t on such a tight schedule so that I could have attended more talks.

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