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Smart Contracts: A Tutorial

Introduction Now that we’ve demystified smart contracts and better understand what they are and how they work, let’s build our own contract on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Because smart contracts are computer programs at their core, many of the concepts that we’ll use to build a basic contract will seem familiar. Major advancements in developer tooling and infrastructure in the Ethereum ecosystem allow us to effectively develop a smart contract completely in-browser, so let’s get started. Remixing Solidity The

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Smart Contracts

Demystifying Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are often described as a transformative new technology that borders on magic, able to remove third-parties and monetary risk alike from business deals using the power of the blockchain. The autonomous execution and enforcement of an agreement may sound like something out of a Harry Potter novel, but the maturation of blockchain-based programming techniques have made smart contracts more of a reality than ever.  Smart Contracts in Theory Many types of business transactions today require intermediate parties to

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