Category: Material

  • Materialize Your Components

    Materialize Your Components

    Tom Dye | March 12, 2019

    Introduction Material design is everywhere today; even now if you’re reading this post in a Chrome browser, you may have noticed that the icons, fonts, colors and paddings have all recently been changed to align with Material. There are Material implementations available for most front-end libraries, and almost every starter app will likely offer a

  • Cats vs Dogs: Answering the Important Questions

    Cats vs Dogs: Answering the Important Questions

    Paul Shannon | December 19, 2018

    SitePen participates in a number of conferences around the world presenting new technology and ideas to engineers and designers. Recently Dylan Schiemann and Tom Dye spoke at the HalfStack Conference in London and Paul Shannon spoke at Phoenix TypeScript meetup. We demonstrated what Dojo and the Web could do by using Web Audio, Web Animations,

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