SitePen JavaScript Support in Action

By on September 30, 2015 1:20 pm

SitePen’s team of JavaScript experts provide high quality development and production support to a wide range of companies, from the Fortune 500 to small startups.

Recently, we had the opportunity to assist BuyWinR, a company based in Brisbane, Australia. In this case, we went from initial inquiry to solution in less than 48 hours. To provide insight into how a typical support issue might be solved, the founder of BuyWinR has allowed us to share this story.

JavaScript Support in action: Using dgrid and dstore with the Django REST Framework

By on July 7, 2015 8:23 am

Throughout the course of June, the dgrid StackOverflow tag saw a series of questions regarding usage of dgrid and dstore with the Django REST Framework. Based on the flurry of closely-related questions that popped up, I became quite curious as to the actual level of difficulty involved with this integration.

Over the holiday weekend here in the US, I decided to let that curiosity get the better of me. In this blog post, I share the results of that endeavor, stepping through the process of customizing a simple Django Rest Framework project to communicate with dgrid using dstore’s Rest store.

Working with Dojo and AMD in Production

By on August 27, 2012 6:17 am

In our recent post on dgrid and Dojo Nano, we showed a technique of using nested require statements in order to make use of optimized layers using the Dojo build system. As a refresher, a layer is Dojo’s terminology for a file that combines many JavaScript resources into a single file. This improves the performance of your web application by minimizing the number of HTTP requests.

The technique we originally presented was a quick and simple approach:

<script type="text/javascript" src="../../dojo/dojo.js"
	data-dojo-config="async: true"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
	require(['dgrid/dgrid'], function () {
	    require(["dgrid/List", "dgrid/OnDemandGrid","dgrid/Selection", 
		"dgrid/Keyboard", "dojo/_base/declare", "dgrid/test/data/perf", 
		function(List, Grid, Selection, Keyboard, declare, testPerfStore){

While this works, it’s not ideal because you will need to modify your source when switching between development and production environments which is suboptimal. While you could of course fix this with PHP or some other server-side approach for your initial require statement, there are many simple alternative techniques that you can make directly to your markup. Here we explore five other approaches.

Now Supporting all Major Toolkits!

By on July 19, 2012 8:20 am

We have been providing JavaScript and Dojo support to freelancers, start-ups and Fortune 500 companies for nearly a decade. As we intently watch enterprise organizations everywhere begin to roll out AMD (read about why AMD matters) and the associated code improvements, we are thrilled with the industry’s direction toward toolkit interoperability! Why? Because! Our masterful engineering team, consisting of influential members of various open source communities, positions SitePen perfectly to offer full-on, front-end web development support to the world!

Getting right to the point, (The Official Point!), we are pleased to announce the expansion of SitePen Support to officially include more than fifteen popular open-source JavaScript toolkits!

Now supporting the following JavaScript toolkits:

  • Dojo
  • Persevere packages
  • dgrid
  • Curl.js
  • CometD
  • Twine
  • jQuery
  • Backbone
  • underscore
  • RequireJS
  • PhoneGap/Cordova
  • MooTools
  • jQueryUI
  • Wire
  • Socket.IO
  • Express

In addition to toolkits, we will continue to support your custom JavaScript source code, as well as key underlying technologies and formats, including JSON, HTML5, WebSockets, SVG/Canvas, Mobile Web, Server-Side JavaScript, AMD, Node.js and many more.

Our expertise with Dojo and advanced JavaScript is relevant for a wide-range of desktop and mobile web application projects and our approach to SitePen Support has always been flexible with the priority being to improve our customers’ web apps. We strive to support our customers in every way possible and we continue to be Dojo experts. In addition, we’re now committed to providing your organization with the front-end development expertise that will optimize your application regardless of which toolkits and technologies your company is comfortable using. You have our word!

Learn More About SitePen Support or Contact Us to get started today!

Eleven Trends for 2012: The Year of Dojo

By on January 30, 2012 4:35 pm

Most 2012 trend lists include 12 trends. (Get it?  12 in ’12.  Of course you do.).  Because we are not fond of adding unnecessary or filler content (read code), Dylan has come up with 11 trends for 2012.

1.  Mobile

Mobile will gain even more momentum in 2012.  There’s no doubt we will see many new APIs, development tools and capabilities in place to both build and install most any app as a web app rather than using native technology.

2.  AMD

Following on the increasing emergence of microtoolkits in 2010 and 2011, 2012 will be the year everything becomes an AMD module, making it easier for Dojo, jQuery, MooTools and other toolkits to play nicely together.

3.  Builders & Loaders

With so many modules, performance, loading and building will need to be optimized.  Use of package management will become increasingly important.

4… Check out the rest of Dylan’s 11 Trends for 2012! And don’t forget that SitePen’s got your back when it comes to implementing efficient and scalable solutions.  Contact us today!

The Year of Dojo is Here!

By on January 17, 2012 9:19 am

Welcome to 2012 – The Year of Dojo!  We are expecting an amazing year! Make SitePen your one stop shop for all of your web application needs; Dojo workshops, JavaScript support and web app development.  Together, with SitePen, you will meet your 2012 goals!  When you’re happy, so are we.

Learn Dojo – We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality Dojo Toolkit workshops in the industry.  Whether you want to learn the basics of Dojo or sharpen your Dojo skills, we have a workshop just for you.  All of our Dojo Workshops are taught by our Dojo experts.  We promise you won’t be subjected to listening to some trainer who can’t live without his slides.  Wondering if our Dojo Workshops will cover Dojo 1.7?  The answer is yes!

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Here to help – Did you know we also have support plans to fit every size and every need?  No matter which support plan you choose, our expert engineers will help you by answering questions, resolving bugs, and solving problems. We offer no-hassle ways to get in touch with your SitePen Support team, which means no waiting on hold, or having to explain your issue over and over again until you get to the right person.  With us, you always have access to the right people. If your project runs in to a critical issue, our expert SitePen engineers will jump in to help you quickly get back on track. Oh, and yes, all of our support plans include support for dGrid and Dojo 1.7! Having a SitePen Support plan is preparing for possibilities.  Even football teams have backup quarterbacks.

From 2 support hours to 200 support hours, SitePen has a support plan to fit your needs.  Take a look!

Perfect match of design and development – We are your one stop shop for your next project, including mobile web applications! Our expert team will take your web application from concept to launch.  We’ve mastered the front end and are here to help you build powerful, simple, and usable web apps, every single time.

Whether you need a traditional web application, mobile web application or installable mobile web app store application, SitePen can help!

Still not sure how we can help you?  Contact us today! (You can even call us if you want.)  Celebrate 2012 – The Year of Dojo!

Communicating Between Widgets in a Rich Internet Application

By on November 7, 2011 10:56 am

As a part of our October Free Dojo Support initiative, we received the following question from Manu Subramanian about how to manage communication between distinct components in a rich internet application:

We are building an application with dojo. It does have many inter connected interface parts. For example it does have a top bar with drop down buttons. The menu items opens tabs in a tab controller. In general we need to call functions from different widgets or there are many interconnections between widgets. Is it good to create a widget containing the small widgets to handle these interconnections with ‘widgetsInTemplate’ property set. Is there any change coming in near future in this regard. Especially related to ‘_TemplatedMixin’. Or is there any better architecture for this?

Excellent question, Manu! This line of inquiry often arises when constructing an application with distinct UI regions which need to intercommunicate. While there is not necessarily One Right Answer, let’s explore some promising options.

SitePen at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011

By on October 19, 2011 8:49 am

Featured as one of three sessions to see on Monday’s web track at the BlackBerry DevCon Americas conference in San Francisco this week, SitePen’s CEO Dylan Schiemann presented Make Beautiful Apps Faster Using the Dojo Mobile Toolkit.  His session talked about creating superior experiences using standard open web technologies and presented an overview of the Dojo Toolkit, HTML5 and mobile-specific features and new Dojo APIs that fundamentally change web application development for the better.

Missed his presentation?  View it here.

Find out how SitePen can help you to Make Beautiful Apps Faster Using the Dojo Mobile Toolkit.  Contact us today!

SitePen. Dojo Skills. Seattle.

By on October 17, 2011 9:22 am

Do you want to learn in depth details to create web applications with Dojo and Dijit?

Join us in Seattle on November 16th for our 2-day Dojo Skills workshop. Dojo Skills emphasizes some of the unique advantages Dojo offers in cross-browser charts and user interface widgets through a powerful development model.

By registering and attending our Dojo Skills workshop, not only will you be on your way to becoming a Dojo Master, you will also receive a FREE SitePen Mini-Boost Support plan – a $300 value (when you register by October 25th)!

Can’t make it to Seattle? Check out our full Dojo workshop schedule through June 2012.

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SitePen is on call to rescue you from between that rock and a hard place! Receive invaluable access to our experts and a plethora of web development knowledge including Ajax and the Dojo Toolkit.  Your plan will cover 1 week and 1 hour of support time with a support response time of 1 business day.  The following browsers are supported: Chrome 5+, Firefox 3.5+, IE 6, 7, 8, and Safari 4+.  All support will be handled through our web-based support system. Yes.  This can be yours when you sign up for our Seattle workshop by October 25th.