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Outside the Box – Outsourcing Your UX Design

Outsourcing is such a dirty word. Unbearable customer service, subpar manufacturing, and corporate downsizing all come to mind when you hear it. But outsourcing has gotten a bad rap. There’s two kinds of outsourcing: outsourcing to drive down costs at the expense of quality (“Hello, yes, hi, thank you for calling Xfinity”), and outsourcing to bring in an expert. We tend to only think of the first example and we seldom realize how often we depend on the latter. Does

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Secrets to a Successful Designer Developer Handoff

Let’s be honest, getting designs from your UX team into the hands of your engineering team in a way that makes sense is rarely easy. Add tight deadlines, team changes, and miscommunication to this process and your application will likely end up looking very different than what you expected. The handoff between design and development is no easy task. At SitePen, we’ve spent a lot of time learning how to improve this process. When we work with a client, we

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