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  • Online Dojo workshops!

    Dylan Schiemann | February 17, 2015

    We’ve offered our full line-up of public Dojo training workshops for over eight years at locations around the world. Attendee response is always positive because people love that our instructors are actual, web developers themselves! “Lively”, “engaging” and “wow” are just a few words that describe our team of instructors; JavaScript and Dojo experts who

  • Escape the Winter and Learn Dojo in Phoenix

    Torrey Rice | December 1, 2014

    Good news everyone! Now that summer is over, there’s no more heat to complain about! That just leaves, ah yes, the bitter cold. Sure, maybe you’ve been handling it well enough so far by staying busy with holiday planning, but what happens when the New Year comes? Suddenly nobody is “Dreaming of a white…” anything,

  • A SitePen Christmas Special

    Torrey Rice | December 3, 2013

    What a great year 2013 has been! We’re feeling (collectively) like Ebenezer Scrooge in the final chapters of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol – except we haven’t been jerks up ’til now and we think working at SitePen is a year-round Christmas vacation, unlike the earlier chapters wherein Scrooge forces poor Mr. Cratchit to work

  • Top Ways Dojo Can Improve Your Mapping App

    Top Ways Dojo Can Improve Your Mapping App

    Angela Segovia | March 28, 2012

    The 2012 ESRI Developer Summit is attended by 1,700 developers, half are attending for the first time and thirty percent are from international locations! Dylan continues to mingle with like-minded Dojo enthusiasts from around the world, including people from the US, Canada, UAE, Japan, England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands! 

  • SitePen in Palm Springs for the ESRI Developer Summit

    SitePen in Palm Springs for the ESRI Developer Summit

    Angela Segovia | March 27, 2012

    Dylan arrived in Palm Springs on Saturday with hundreds of other ESRI Partners just in time to participate in the Jim Christoffersen Golf Classic.  The four-player shamble event took place on the south course at the Indian Canyons Golf Resort.  Dylan had the honor of golfing with the founder of ESRI Japan, Chiharu Masaki, and

  • Eleven Trends for 2012: The Year of Dojo

    Eleven Trends for 2012: The Year of Dojo

    Angela Segovia | January 30, 2012

    Most 2012 trend lists include 12 trends. (Get it?  12 in ’12.  Of course you do.).  Because we are not fond of adding unnecessary or filler content (read code), Dylan has come up with 11 trends for 2012. 1.  Mobile Mobile will gain even more momentum in 2012.  There’s no doubt we will see many

  • SitePen. Dojo Skills. Seattle.

    SitePen. Dojo Skills. Seattle.

    Angela Segovia | October 17, 2011

    Do you want to learn in depth details to create web applications with Dojo and Dijit? Join us in Seattle on November 16th for our 2-day Dojo Skills workshop. Dojo Skills emphasizes some of the unique advantages Dojo offers in cross-browser charts and user interface widgets through a powerful development model. By registering and attending

  • Dojo. Dontcha know?  SitePen. Dojo. Minnesota.

    Dojo. Dontcha know? SitePen. Dojo. Minnesota.

    Angela Segovia | October 6, 2011

    Join us for our introductory jUMP into Dojo (1 day) or our Dojo Skills (2 days) workshop – or both!- on November 1 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Oh, and when you register by October 14th, you will receive a FREE SitePen Mini-Boost Support plan – a $300 value! jUMP into Dojo is the best starting point for any

  • Munich Dojo Workshop

    Munich Dojo Workshop

    Dylan Schiemann | March 20, 2009

    SitePen and uxebu are pleased to announce their first joint Dojo workshop in Munich, Germany. Come join some of the co-creators of Dojo on the 7th and 8th of May, 2009 to learn how to build great web sites and applications with Dojo. This new workshop will be an engaging experience for anyone wanting to

  • Forget Everything You Know About Functions: JavaScript Subroutines

    Neil Roberts | February 11, 2009

    Performing frequent training courses has given SitePen a chance to learn new ways to improve our training approach. Some concepts in JavaScript can be trickier than others and as we interact with the classes, we’re able to develop fun explanations for these tricky concepts. I’d like to share one of the explanations I developed at

  • Dojo Workshop Updates and the Grails eXchange!

    Dojo Workshop Updates and the Grails eXchange!

    Dylan Schiemann | September 26, 2007

    With the recent launch of Dojo 0.9 and the planned launch of 1.0 in late October, the SitePen Dojo training courses have been revamped and now focus exclusively on the new code base. SitePen’s partnership with UK-based Skills Matter is allowing us to offer our 3-day Dojo training workshop overseas, several times, in the upcoming

  • Upcoming events

    Upcoming events

    Dylan Schiemann | May 19, 2007

    We’re speaking at and/or attending a number of upcoming events and conferences. We hope to see you there! May 20-23: Alex will be attending the IEEE Privacy and Security Symposium in Oakland, CA. Prior to our Dojo days, Alex spent most of his time thinking about security. May 23-25: I’ll be conducting a 3-day Dojo

  • On writing training programs

    On writing training programs

    Tom Trenka | April 9, 2007

    In the past two or so months that I’ve been an employee of SitePen, my main task has been to design and write the materials for the majority of our new training course offering’s including slides, activity handouts, working code equivalents, slide design (which in the end Torrey did, a brilliant job too), and other

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