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The TSConf venue

Why did we start TSConf?

The ubiquity of JavaScript is undeniable; it’s the universal language of the web — a position that no other languages hold. JavaScript is flexible, able to adapt and grow as the web grows. But that flexibility is often the downfall of JavaScript; without a disciplined team working diligently to keep the codebase maintainable, JavaScript can fall apart. Enter TypeScript. A superset of JavaScript, TypeScript adds the option of typing, static analysis, and interfaces in order to create code that is

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Escape the Office: Designing Interfaces for Other Developers

At the recent TSConf, SitePen engineer Sarah Higley delivered a talk titled Escape the Office: Designing Interfaces for Other Developers. The moment you step into any large project or open source venture you must accept that code you write gets used in ways you did not originally intend. Part of creating any good codebase is figuring out how to design it to be both flexible and robust in the face of the unknown. Typescript adds a powerful tool to hint,

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TSConf 2018

TSConf: The First TypeScript Conference

In case you missed it, SitePen was the presenting sponsor of the inaugural TSConf which took place in Seattle on March 12, 2018! The Backstory In 2017, we met the TypeScript team in person after years of being avid members and contributors to the TypeScript project. We asked them when the first TypeScript conference would be and they answered with: “Do you want to do it?” SitePen, along with various members of its team, has organized community meetups, sponsored conferences

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