Palo Alto, CA – March 13, 2008. SitePen is responding to the growing demand for commercial web application assistance by launching a support service for the Dojo Toolkit, Cometd, DWR, and related web technologies. SitePen Support is available immediately to provide development teams with the fast answers needed to build great web applications under short development schedules. Developers can get help directly from the creators and core contributors of these popular open source Ajax and Comet toolkits.

SitePen Support Recent Activity View
SitePen Support Recent Activity View

“SitePen has assembled an extremely talented team of open source web application developers,” said Dylan Schiemann, CEO of SitePen, Inc. and co-creator of the Dojo Toolkit. “Development teams are increasingly asking for fast responses and peace of mind when using open source toolkits, and we’re here to provide additional support to help developers be as efficient as possible by getting assistance quickly.”

SitePen Support removes the worry of unforeseen problems and allows development teams to focus on building amazing user experiences. Teams increase their efficiency throughout the initial build and the maintenance and adaptation of a successful deployment. Depending on the package purchased, SitePen Support customers can get assistance not only with the Dojo Toolkit, DWR, and Cometd, but with the applications built with these toolkits.

SitePen Support Ticket ViewSitePen Support Ticket View

“As Ajax becomes ubiquitous, the need for reliable, commercial support for applications built with open source toolkits becomes increasingly important,” said Alex Russell, Director of R&D and SitePen, Inc., and co-creator of the Dojo Toolkit and Cometd. “The ability to get reliable solutions quickly and the knowledge that there are companies out there supporting open source software reduces adoption risk for companies and enterprises.”

Full details and pricing information are available at the new SitePen Support is available for teams ranging from small startups to large corporations, and starts at $995.

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