Alex has announced the final release of Dojo 0.9:

After a complete re-think about the purpose and value of Dojo, and after months of grueling ground-up work on the part of the entire Dojo team, I’m happy, proud, and excited to announce that Dojo 0.9.0 is available.

And AOL is already hosting 0.9 in their CDN.

For those porting Dojo applications from previous version of the toolkit, you can refer to the Porting Guide for help on where APIs landed in the shuffle.

In many cases, you’ll need less code overall to get the same thing done (or done better), and Bill Keese (Dijit Project Lead) has put together a great overview of what’s new and awesome:

The quick rundown of 0.9 features will be familiar to committers by now:

* unified look and feel for all widgets
* ambitious a11y and i18n features in every Dijit widget
* a mature CSS-driven theme system with multiple, high-quality themes
* huge improvements in system performance
* data-bound widgets
* Declarations for lightweight widget writing
* a new page parser that allows instances of any class, not just widgets
* no magic

* reduced API surface area (easier to remember and use)
* dojo.query() always available, returns real arrays
* from-scratch high-performance DnD system
* Base (dojo.js) is 25K on the wire (gzipped)
* APIs finalized
* new build system
* new test harness for both CLI and browser use
* dojo.behavior now marked stable and based on dojo.query
* excellent animation APIs with Color animations in Base (always available)
* all the features you’ve come to count on from Dojo (RPC, JSON-P, JSON, i18n, formatting utilities, etc.)

* high quality implementations of previously experimental features:
* gfx (portable 2D drawing)
* data wires
* offline
* storage
* cometd (Bayeux client)
* etc.
* dojox.gfx now includes Sliverlight support
* many more features and improvements than there’s room for here

Finally, my sincerest thanks to the committers, contributors, and organizations whose hard work and support made this possible. We took a great risk in attempting 0.9 and without their herculean efforts, Dojo would not be the thriving, open project that it is today.