Dojo 1.6 Tutorials – Finally!

By on March 15, 2011 1:52 pm

Ask anyone who has ever contemplated using the Dojo Toolkit and they’ll tell you that its Achilles’ heel is documentation. Articles online are generally outdated and the Dojo Reference Guide and API docs, while helpful for existing Dojo developers, are anything but comprehensive if you’re new to Dojo and don’t know exactly where to start when building Dojo-based web and mobile apps.

While there are books that have been published and a smattering of resources scattered about online, there has never been a cohesive, up-to-date resource for learning how to use the greatness that is the Dojo Toolkit. Until now.

Announcing Dojo Tutorials

With the release of Dojo 1.6, SitePen has written a starter set of Dojo tutorials for your learning pleasure! These tutorials don’t just show you the code and expect you to figure out the rest, they explain how and why to use the various parts of the Dojo Toolkit — the right way. All you have to say is Hello Dojo, and you’ll be placed on the path to coding success.


The first set of tutorials are authored by SitePen engineers (many of whom are core Dojo committers) and are easy to find within the Dojo Toolkit Documentation section. The Dojo Reference Guide has also been updated making the Dojo Toolkit website the definitive place to go for Dojo documentation.

Want to see a specific Tutorial? Want to Learn More?

Is there something you’d like to learn how to do with Dojo? Always wanted to know how something in Dojo works? Leave us a message in the blog comments and we’ll see about getting a tutorial created for you.

Or sign-up for an upcoming SitePen Dojo Workshop to get a fully immersive hands-on experience with Dojo.

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