Hot on the heels of the Dojo 1.7.1 release, we are excited to officially publish SitePen’s 1.7-specific updates to not one, not two but ALL 55 Dojo 1.6 tutorials. As you can guess, this was no small feat given that Dojo 1.7 is loaded with significant changes that encompass best practices on the road to 2.0. We’ve revamped the full Dojo 1.6 tutorial series to cover, not only how to do the things you already knew, but to prepare your team and your web app for what’s to come.

Oh and of course, the tutorials are rewritten to take full advantage of the new Dojo loader’s support for AMD, and they lay a groundwork for preparing your application to be lighter and more modular than ever!

So raise your glass and toast with us to the completion and release of the Dojo 1.7 Tutorials and to the best JavaScript toolkit available for scalable web apps!

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