Dojo FAQ: How can I Contribute to Dojo?

By on April 3, 2014 10:17 am


You are probably using Dojo on a project and have identified areas that you feel could be improved. Maybe you have an idea for a new feature which isn’t part of Dojo. I will explain the areas of Dojo where you can contribute.

But first, you will need to sign a contributor license agreement, or CLA. The CLA states that the work you are contributing is yours and that the Dojo foundation can license the code to other people. You can learn more about the Dojo CLA by visiting

Code contributions

Before contributing code to Dojo, you should review the developer notebook. The notebook contains the coding style guidelines, a list of contributors, details for source code access, and other important information to keep in mind when working on Dojo.

Bug Reporting

Found something that doesn’t work the way it should? File a ticket in the Dojo’s bug tracker. When reporting a bug, reduce it to the smallest possible test case. Doing so allows others to reproduce the issue and helps verify the problem is in Dojo code. More details about using the bug tracker can be found here.


Documentation is critical to any software project and is a great place to contribute. Good documentation will help people understand the concepts and tools available in Dojo. Many people immediately jump to the tutorials when exploring a new framework or tool. Up-to-date tutorials that show off features of the toolkit are attractive to anyone who is new to Dojo. More about tutorials and documentation can be found here

Promote Dojo

Finally, like any other great product, open source needs promotion! Do you love Dojo? Does Dojo make your life easier? Then get out there and tell everyone! Writing blog posts about how Dojo helped solve problems for you or answering some questions on StackOverflow go a long way in helping the Dojo community grow.


Many people think they need to write some code to contribute to an open source project. There are many ways to contribute to Dojo and there is always room for more help! If you have any other questions about how to get involved, join the conversation on IRC or the mailing list. As always if you want more detailed information about Dojo or contributing to the project visit