One of the additions of the recent Dojo 1.11 release is a modern flat theme created with the Stylus preprocessor. The flat theme allows you to apply a modern, flat look and feel to existing Dojo applications.

Dojo flat theme

The flat theme includes support for most Dijits as well as dgrid. Significant contributions for the theme were created by Dojo community members Yiwei Ma and Ben Fousek. While the theme targets the Dojo 1.11 release, it should be possible to use it with other recent Dojo releases. The theme includes preprocessed and optimized CSS, so using it should be as simple as any of the themes provided by Dijit once you download the 1.11.1 or newer release, or install a copy via bower or npm.

As the theme is very new, if you find any issues or areas for improvement, please get involved.

If you are looking for assistance in optimizing a theme for your application, we’re happy to help. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help in more detail.