This is it folks! This is the last week of dev for Dojo Offline until we pop the Dojo Offline beta out the door, either later this week or on Monday, April 16th.

Last Week

Last week we finished the Windows installer for Dojo Offline. It comes out to about only 300K! No multi-megabyte download runtimes here. We also continued to fix QA bugs with an eye to the beta launch. The Mac OS X installer was also worked on.

This Week

This is the big week! We will finish the Mac OS X installer, fix important QA bugs that remain and get things into a shippable state, write up good docs, and get a Dojo Offline beta out the door.

The following week, on Tuesday, April 17th, SitePen and Brad Neuberg will be giving the first public presentation on Dojo Offline and creating offline enabled web apps on the open web. The session is at 4:50 PM at the Web 2.0 Expo.