Last Week

The JavaScript layer for Dojo Offline, including the Moxie demo, were brought to functional completion. This means we have syncing working, including local data storage — Moxie now illustrates and shows both. Dojo Offline (the JavaScript libraries) will work even without the smal client-side proxy being finished, though it will not be reliable enough for deployed apps without the client-side proxy.

This Week

Now that the JavaScript layer is functionally complete, it is now time to turn our attention to Polipo and the small client-side download.

Three big tasks this week. First, I will push an alpha release of Dojo Offline that has the JavaScript layer functionally complete to my web server; this will let folks download and play with the code created so far, and will include a short blog post and Moxie demo posted on my site as well. Second, I am reviewing C for the client-side installable, since I have not worked in C for awhile; the third big task is to review and study Polipo, the local, client-side web proxy, and become proficient with its source base.