Every week we will be sending out a status report on the Dojo Offline Toolkit project to keep folks abreast of what we have accomplished the last week and what is planned for the week ahead.

Last Week

We finished the UI portion of the Dojo Offline Widget, blogged it, and put a demo release up.

Last week we also finished:

  • dojo.dot.files is finished and works now — this code refreshes any files that need to be available offline. Moxie, our demo app, was modified to correctly use dojo.dot.files to indicate what resources should be available offline.
  • Dojo Offline now features a background network ‘thread’ that is testing every 15 seconds to see if a web application’s web site is available or not, shifting our on- or off-line status appropriately.
  • Manually moving on- and off-line now work.
  • Moxie was updated to have this new functionality. We also modified Moxie to use a customized version of the Dojo Offline Widget UI to make sure that UI customization works.
  • The infrastructure to know when Dojo Offline is truly loaded and ready to be used was coded and tested.
  • The infrastructure for Dojo Offline to load and save core data in local persistent storage was finished.

Another new release of Moxie with this functionality was pushed out . Expect a short blog post today with details on this functionality as well.

This Week

The first task today is to create a short blog post on our new release that has the features indicated above.

Next, we are going to jump into the guts of syncing and application-level data persistance and manipulation.